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Any "near misses" on ice this winter?


It hasn't been all that icy this winter here in North Carolina, but every once in awhile I come across a patch of ice on the sidewalk during my morning and evening walks whenever the temperature dips below freezing. I was wondering has anyone in the group experienced any "near misses" on ice this winter?

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Being from MN I feel like most steps are near misses some days. I have to be so careful. I bought some boots that keep my feet warm, have good tread and are cute so I feel comfortable wearing them. I find I wear them all the time . Sure has been helping me this winter.

Hi Nicholas, don't know if been watching the weather in the UK recently, but last night we had the coldest night for 80 years. Its been icy quite a lot just recently here in the NW and even with my god walking boots on I've had a couple of times of nearly coming a cropper. I also have a pair of studded over shoe attachments which work very well on the pavements. I find the pavement ( sidewalk, boardwalk) tends to be a lot worse than the moors/hills when walking the beasties. Take care and stay safe.

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Meant to update this last week but forgot, my near miss became a hit when not concentrating enough my foot slipped coming down a step whilst walking the beasties and I subsided into the hedge. Fortunately it was a relatively soft bit and I escaped with little damage. Achy knee for a couple of days and that was it. I was lucky.

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