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Erosive Osteoarthritis treatments, surgery, and other treatment options?????

I have been diagnosed with erosive osteoarthritis in 6 out of 8 fingers and was wondering whether anyone has had any successful treatments that have helped.

I have been advised to consider having the worst joints fused, as they don’t think I am suitable for joint replacement surgery, I’m an artist and don’t want to lose the ability to do my artwork, so I would love to hear from anybody who has had alternatives and whether they’ve helped.

Many thanks.

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Sorry to hear about this, Cydonia136. You are certainly faced with a difficult choice. I'm with you and would love to hear from any other community members with a similar experience. Have you explored physical therapy or occupational therapy? Someone who is certified as a hand therapist and/or has experience with osteoarthritis in the hand, specifically, might be able to assist (if you haven't already traveled this path). I'm always a fan of exhausting non-surgical options first.

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I have looked into and explored some of the non-surgical options and I’ve discussed with my gp and found the response on the whole to be quite negative.

I saw the occupational therapist at my local hospital and they basically told me that there was nothing they could do to help me, and that I have to live with it. One of the things that is scaring me is just how rapidly the joint in my index finger has literally crumbled away, from start to finish 12 weeks.

I’ve got an appointment with the hand therapist next week, but they are just talking about making some plastic splints to help keep my fingers straight.


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