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Prep week for The Gut Makeover


Hi All - as I will be embarking on the 4 week gut makeover from 27th July, advice is to start reducing/eliminating certain things at this stage in readiness. So I've weaned off my afternoon cup of tea as caffeine will need to go. Presently I am still having my daily cup of black coffee that I love. This will probably be the hardest thing for me. However, I've ditched it before and can do it again. Knowing it's only four weeks also helps. I have noticed that ditching the afternoon black tea I no longer have to get up to wee in the night which was a pattern for a while. This is very positive as sleep is such a pillar of health. Alcohol also is out on the plan. Not a big issue for me. I enjoy the occasional glass of wine but very happy to have a chunk of time away from it. Even one glass these days I feel the effects in my liver and also my mood/level of fatigue. The other key thing to go is of course sugar. Such an aggravator to the gut and a driver of the inflammatory cascade - now I enjoy a piece of cake every now and then or a few squares of dark chocolate but again I'll be ok giving sugar a swerve. A tiny bit of honey is allowed.

What would you find the hardest to eliminate/reduce?