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Nanotechnology vaccine - the future's bright for RA?

Nanotechnology vaccine - the future's bright for RA?

Just thought I'd try and post something positive...did anyone see this in the news recently?

There are a few of these 'miracle cures' starting to appear...but all subject to lengthy ongoing testing which is the down side.

For those who dont know, nanotechnology is essentially 'tiny technology'; technology applied on a very small (microscopic) scale. Its used in many case for things such as injection of tong microchips etc.

Also, this from '':

"All eyes are on pharmaceutical sales giant Pfizer as it attempts to get its breakthrough treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) out of the laboratory and into the market. The company announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted its new drug application (NDA) for tofacitinib, a new oral treatment currently being studied to treat adults with moderate to severe RA.

Tofacitnib is considered one of Pzier's most important experimental drugs because, If approved, it would be a viable option to most injected medicines used to treat RA and other inflammatory disorders.

Geno Germano, president and general manager of Pfizer's speciality care and oncology, said the federal agency's review of the company's NDA for tofacitinib sets it on track for pharmaceutical sales approval by August 2012.

"Pfizer is pleased to have achieved this regulatory milestone, which reflects our commitment to advancing treatments for inflammatory conditions, and constitutes a significant step toward bringing tofacitinib to RA patients who are in need of additional therapeutic options," Germano added.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, RA is the most crippling form of arthritis and affect approximately 1.3 million Americans."

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Interesting! Can we dare be hopeful!


I think so. Hope is important and too much negativity can be a dangerous thing.

Technology is advancing all the time. The problem, if anything will be the ability of the NHS to bring these new treatments online.

I'm not sure who in the NHS decides what drugs they will spend their money on. Does anyone know? Can they be lobbied to invest more in a certain area?




Am I missing something?


I also saw the article but as many of these articles are predicating cures many years down the road, I don't live in hopes any longer.

One day perhaps.

The National institute for Clinical Excellence is the one which decides how much money is spent on drugs by the NHS. It often means that patients have to go without drugs which would help/cure them because of the cost leaving patients suffering unnecessarily. There is also a postcode lottery in UK where depending on where you live, dictates whether or not you get the right drugs for your condition. Absolutely disgraceful. LavendarLady x


Yes, its NICE who are in charge of these recommendations, though I think the present government is talking about changing this.

I also heard from a friend who works in a laboratory at Edinburgh Uni, that there's research going on about parasites and RA. Sounds gruesome, but its something to do with tropical medicine and the spin offs for us. Also genetic research is promising. But as you say, Hope is really important. Pain management courses focus on being positive and visualising things which help you to get above the pain.

All the best,



Hi Genuine,

Thats great information thanks. I would like to think by the time my children have children, they won't have to suffer this disabling disease, even though I know my prognosis is better than my Aunts etc, would be nice not to get it at all.

Don't know what the obscure reference to the Austrailain government is?? maybe someone pressed the wrong key, or copied & pasted to the wrong place. Haha.



Glad you mentioned that obscure reference to the Australian government, I have gotten it twice this past weekend, didn't understand what it had to do with RA or any other Rheumatoid diseases.

I recently received a notice from our Arthritis Research Foundation about toficitinib being very promising, but release was to be more likely in 1213. It is a Biologic, the last defense against RA and other Rheumatoid diseases, and is oral. A positive note as far as replacing IV administration. Haven't seen any reference to side effects, such as we've all had with oral MTX. There is HOPE, tempered with caution. Loret


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