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Sex change

sorry to disappoint my gal comments but I am a male, sorry. Had today off it has been a painful one still but go on. Work tomorrow and working on a police book for children. Kfc to tea, I know it may not be good for me but what the heck. I have been on salzapine ( not sure how to spell it even after all this time) I think it has run it's course and not working. I have had two new hips and a shoulder now my other one is going and my knees I cry going to bed up the stair. Still once under the covers it's bliss. Must dash, ha ha.

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Hi there, Ailsa from NRAS here, if you are only on Sulfasalazine and it's not working (clearly not if you have had surgery and are continuinig to erode), you need to go back to your team for a review. You may qualify for biologics which could make a huge difference. When is your next appt.?


Hi there Alisa i have just read your reply to Beepers blog and wanted to ask a question. Last February In had a fall in a car park very embrassessing and then had to be taken into hospital with a broken hip and wrist. I had a dexa scan and they could not work out why this had happened to me as I was only 55 and had no osteoporosis. Could this have been caused by my RA?


Hi Beeper sorry to hear about all your problems lets hope things soon improve for you.


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