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RA or a pinched nerve?

I plan to make an appointment with a doc next week. I believe I have RA or a pinched nerve Last July I went thru a horrible ordeal, I was in 2 ERs in one weekend and they spent more time trying to figure out if I was a pill head then trying to figure out what was wrong with me. No one took a scan of my neck or back. My pain was mostly in my arms (tormenting pain, pins/needles) no sleep for 3 days, I was a mess. After I went to A big city hospital they gave me naproxen, Percocet, and finegran. This helped me sleep and helped me manage the pain. My GP gave me prednisone, between that and the naproxen I slowly got better. For a couple weeks everyday tasks were painful and difficult like opening a door, bottles, climbing in and out of a vehicle. Eventually all was normal a gain. I have a couple spots on my arms where the skin has lots its sense of touch (numbness). I seen an RA doctor, and she said I experienced a "fluke". I have a stressful job in an office (customer service). I am beginning to have in both arms pain in my elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers, weakness in both, stiffness, warm sensations, and at times just a bracelet or a sleeve irritates my wrists. Also, i have experienced some face, neck, and chest flushing that lasts for several hours (not sure if they are related) Plz help me figure this out, I am not in the pain I was in July 2012, but NEVER want to have it again. Any feedback you have will be great. I am making my appointment tomorrow. Thank you

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All sounds awful. Did the RA consultant run tests on you for RA? It may be stress related, that can cause pinched or trapped nerves due to tension. It is amazing how much pain etc. stress can cause.

I would think your GP and/or Rheumatologist could do complete tests to see wht is wrong. Saying it's a "fluke" seems strange. RA should be ruled out but then maybe a physio could help iin case you need to have relaxation exercises or something.

My only advice right now would be to get to the drs. and make a list of all the questions you have, keep a diary of your pains etc. so you can relate that to the drs. in details. Don't be dismissed by them; insist on some tests (do it nicely so you dont put their backs up!). A stressful job will not help - cn you take a few days off sick?

Chest flushign could also be stress related. - Get the GP to check you out properly.

Good luck with this.

Lynn x


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