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Leflunamide any experts?

Hi I'm on my fourth week 10mg one day 20 mg the next, then from next week it's 20 mg each day. Have developed a sore peeling mouth. Went to GP yesterday and was prescribed a concoction of mouth washes and gels. Does anybody know if once I get used to the meds my mouth will settle down or will it be an on going side effect?

Have failed on Methotrexate , sulphasalazine and Enbrel so want this one to work.

Thank you for your help,


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Hi Lou I have been on leflunomide 6 month and get a sore dry mouth? The doc gave me the same as you as he said one of the side effects of any dmard can be sore mouth, however mine improved after just a few weeks although I have dry mouth now and use oral gel and pastilles. Hope yours does the same, but if it keeps up just go back and tell them xx


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