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What do the figures mean on blood tests...get no help from understanding from GP they just say a 'bit' high.- see next blood test :( ?


My EGFR =60 PV = 1.96 CRP = 6.9 and Creat 62 and been on MTX and hydroxy for 1 year now :( personally I see little improvement apart from dreadful side effects from drugs.

The sulpha put me in an ambulance and in hospital on 2 occasions. Thank you for your advice x.

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The GPs who monitor my bloods write 'satisfactory - no action' by levels that are a bit too high or low but nothing to worry about for now and 'abnormal' by ones that do need follow up. Your GP's method sounds similar but are the levels staying a bit high or improving over time?

I think it might be a good idea to phone your GP and ask for clarification. They must surely understand that blood test results are quite confusing and offering worrying for patients & you need to understand their system too.

Luce x


hmm pv 1.96 is high not ok.. if mine goes above 1.,7 I know before they do!! blood test

they consider crp below 7 ok too??. though 6 is better and creatine at 69 is ok, noy too sure about that egfr?? ask gp / nurse or rheum to explain x



If you are on MTX you should(?) have a blood test book.

I have one and it contains the recommended levels for blood results, eg Creatinine 60-120.

Over time it becomes clear how your results are varying.

I think the overall trend can tell you more than an individual result.

I wonder if you can ask for one of the booklets. But certainly ask for clarification.

It really isn't sensible for us to give an opinion on your results as what's normal for me may not be normal for you as things like age/weight whether or not you smoke and so on affect the results and what should be considered to be fine. I get print outs from the lab, that automatically mark things as high or low even if they are only a tiny, tiny bit over/under the standard, and when actually they're fine when you take my personal characteristics into account.

And as Wooly says, the most useful thing is to look at how they change over time. I'm a bit of a blood test geek, so I keep them all logged and can see how things have improved or changed. It also helps understand what's normal for you, and could help you see whether things are getting better even if you still feel rubbish. And quite often I'll have a blip on a result one month, but when it's taken again it's fine.

Anyway, eGFR and creatine are tests that look at how well your kidneys are functioning. Your results don't look that odd to me. CRP and PV are tests that look at the levels of inflammation in you, and again the CRP at 6.9 is only a touch over normal so could well be fine you you or equally show that you still have active inflammation that needs to be dealt with. PV (plasma viscosity) varies a lot due to things like smoking, so if you smoke that could well be the reason for a slightly high result.

But do ask GP to explain, and maybe even tell you how the results have been changing over time and what sort of results you should be aiming for. There's also a web site called labtestsonline.org.uk that explains the different tests.


Thank you everyone for taking time to answer my questions..when I phoned the surgery yesterday the receptionist was not very helpful..wanted to know why I wanted my results as anything abnormal - I would be phoned. Really fed up of their attitude. Thanks again.

well my reply to receptionist would be that I have a chronic and incurable condition, and all the research shows that the more I know and understand about it the better I'll be able to manage it for the rest of my life, so it's important that I have the details so could she please get over her narrow minded and ignorant attitude and give me the information I've asked for.....RA has made me much more determined not to be fobbed off by the medical system so I could give the grumpy old women a run for their money now. Pxy

Hi Polly...lol..I get so fed up with the 'why do you want to know' attitude from the GP's..they forget it is my body and I want to know. I am not some idiot that has no idea..I feel if I don't know what is going on ..tbh they don't really care I am another computer number that costs them money. Sad state of affairs. She was definitely a jobs worth. Thank you Polly and like my favourite poem..Warning by Jenny Joseph....when I am old I will wear purple..I won't put up with nonsense. xxxx


Love that - but then I already do wear purple quite often!

We have a couple of really surly receptionists and I have to prize results out of them over the phone usually - but they do give them to me having asked first "are there any in particular you want to know?". Sometimes it seems a bit barbed but I don't care!

My GP always looks a bit irritated if I ask but I think that it's more a question of the time it takes to explain and he thinks it's not necessary because he'll tell me if I need to know. I am quite on the ball about ESR and CRP and liver enzymes now but not about the others. When I have a rheumy apt I get a print off and double check against the normal range collumn. I'm useless about my thyroid tests though and haven't a clue what they mean - never ask and it's rarely mentioned. GP phones and tells me if he wants me to adjust my dose of Levothyroxine and they call me in for tests once a year. I did once try the Thyroid Healthunlocked but people asked me for my T3 or T4 or something else and told me to come back when I had the figures off my GP to discuss - and if he only had one of them then I should ask for another - so I just panicked at the thought of having to get to grips with anything new (although I've been hypothyroid for about 15 years now) and never went back!

Tilda x

Gps are really funny - when i asked mine for my results - he asked why .. followed by 'are you medically trained'.!!! i just explained i needed to know and so i could personally understand and feel like i had some sort of control.

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