Fresh as a daisy

Fresh as a daisy

You’ve probably noticed that your site looks a bit different. We’ve been working on the new design for a couple of months based on feedback we’ve been getting from all our patient groups. It went live this morning and we think you’ll be really pleased with it.

You can do the same things as before and a little bit more (for example, searching tags is easier with a new A-Z function). Navigating across the site is much simpler and we really encourage you to use all parts of the site.

HealthUnlocked is growing and improving all the time and our new sites reflect this maturation. The journey continues and we’re really happy to be able to enable support and information for patients, families and carers through our work with you and patient groups.

Do take a moment to explore the new look and functions. If you’ve got any feedback – if you love it, hate it or you’ve found something that doesn’t seem to work as it should – please click on “Feedback” on the top right.


The HealthUnlocked Team

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I had a problem siging in to my account - in the end I reset my password and have had no problems getting on.

Love the new site, very clean and user friendly, well done to everyone involved!


Hi Katie

Love the site and so easy to use. Hope it will get lots of use ... will do my bit to promote it!

Just a couple of things ... but could be something I'm missing!!

1.Do we no longer have a link to Twitter for blogs

2.I tried to delete one of my blogs (which I have now rewritten) so that I could make it a more recent entry but it wouldn't delete!

Thanks to the team for their hard work. Well done all those involved :)



You are very good at positive stroking! Thank you for the endorsement, it's good now but imagine what the site will be like with a 1,000+ members.

To answer your points:

1. The Twitter link should be back by midnight tomorrow - sorry, a temporary glitch

2. Deleting blogs - I'll have the tech team get in contact with you directly. It should (will) work.

Any other technical problems do please send to and one of us will answer as soon as we can.

I'm really looking forward to your next post (I was starting to get worried that no-one blogging today meant that passwords had gone haywire).



Love your new site. Thanks to all.


I would love to blog but dont know how please help !


Anyloop - we would love you to blog too! NRAS has requested that, while the group gains momentum, that all new bloggers pass through them first. It's another level of quality assurance that will help ensure this group is as good as possible.

It's very simple - just go to the blogs section and on the right hand side, next to the blog you'll see a box that says, "Write for us" and a button below that says, "learn more". If you click on the button it will bring up a place to enter your name and ask you for a very, very brief reason of why you want to blog. Once you submit it, it should take hardly any time at all for the lovely Emma13, who's the NRAS admin for the site, to approve you.

Please do persevere. Apologies that the process wasn't clear.

It would be really good to add your voice to this growing network. I was looking forward to some of the insight you had post 'elbow upgrade' and variety of experience is essential to a site like this.

If you have any problems on registering (or with anything else on the site), please email We do try hard to turn around questions as quickly as possible -- and we're always open to feedback.

Looking forward to your first post.




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