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A New Day!!!

Good Morning My Friends: I pray that all had a restful night. I also pray that each and everyone has a pain free day as possible. RA is a painful, tiring condition that beats us up, throws us down and starts all over again. It is a lonely condition. I am so thankful that I can come to this site and find support from you guys. You understand and do not make me feel as though this is all in my head. I am so sick of hearing people tell me that so and so had RA and they did this or that and were "cured"! If only it were that easy.

Thanks to you all. I appreciate you! Linda

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Hi Linda, thanks for your thoughts. I too have had the comment that RA can be cured and so and so had a marvellous new treatment which got rid of it completely. My answer to that is they didn't have RA in the first place as it is incurable. I sometimes tell my consultant these little anecdotes and he has a good laugh saying he wishes it were that easy as he would then be out of a job!

Keep smiling and don't forget we are all here for you. LavendarLady x


Sometimes it does make for a good laugh! Sometimes I get so dreadfully tired of hearing them. But today at least the Sun is shining, although it is quite cold here in Alabama. Cold weather and I do not like each other. lol. Love to all, Linda


They have no idea what they are talking about Linda,If they had to suffer like we do they couldn't cope as well as we do. I know We have times when even we wonder how we cope,but we do and we get up each day and carry on as usual. People look at me and wonder what the hell is wrong to cause her to use a scooter,only people who really know me know what i go through. There are very few who see me cry with the pain.

The lovely people on here share in my joys and down days and don't critisise me which is heartening i can tell you. Just look at the people who think your cured and wonder what they will get.

A lady in ohio told me yesterday that it was going to snow,boy is she right.

Take care sylvi. xx


Ra isnt cured but it can be well controlled by the right medication and pacing.

unfortunately some of these people who were "cured" maybe didnt have RA to start with?

Alison x


I couldnt agree more with you Sylvi. I am tired of a couple of comments that I really do not know how to handle though. (1) Well, if you would just get up and move around you will feel better. (2) you sound so much better. It sounds like you are feeling good today. I guess some think that if I move more it will help, but I do know when and how. Also I pray that I always "sound" good. Maybe this is said to cheer me up, but honestly it doesnt. At times it can make me angry. then I have to deal with the stress of hurting their feelings. This is from my Mom, and sisters. Daddy only cautions me regarding pain meds. My husband is very supportive. He is quite lovely. He sees me through the good and the bad. He has held my hand when I cry from the pain. Thank God I do have him. And now this site where people really understand. I am just so sorry that others have to suffer. If I could I would take all of the pain from you guys. Linda <3


Hello Linda - good to hear from you, some people are so forceful in their views, particularly those who have little but nonsense to say.........sometimes i can get the fact that ra has no cure YET across, other times i let it pass and many tmes their coninuous miracle cures get me really down. ITs good to have this family of people to chat to.


Oh I agree with you so much. Yesterday was one of those days. I was talking with my Momma, she made a remark that I sounded like I felt good. One of my sisters said the same thing. For once in my life I was speechless. Finally I ask Momma if she believed in telling me that I felt good, was that her way of "curing" me. I felt bad after I said that. I just dont have replies to some comments. I have even thought of writing some down in a little notebook to pull out for times like that. Linda


Summer, this is exactly what I think. Have you noticed though that it is always someone they know, that they know. They are so not talking from expirence.

Take Care, God Bless. Linda


Hi Grammie,

Yesterday someone from my Tai Chi class told me that I should try this woman who does Shiatsu as she is SO good and had "cured people" with awful conditions.

I'm afraid I just nodded and took the number and said I'd phone soon but I don't intend to as I don't want to waste precious time, energy and money on something that has no proven efficacy. Her husband has Parkinson's and I wonder if he gets told stuff like this too? It's exhausting and only ever happens when I wear my splints out or in the past when I've been limping- and sometimes i only wear splints to stop people from shaking my hand or to give my wrists some support while driving, shopping etc. I've started to take them off quickly when i get into social situations now! Why do so many people have to have to be such "know alls" and why can't they just smile and be kind for a minute before moving on to a less depressing subject? I know I can move on or if I can't then I just keep out of social situations completely. TTx


There are so many ignorant people out there,i know they mean well but boy it gets you down. These sort of comments always come when your feeling not so hot and then it hurts your feelings as they don't understand. Next time tell them its incurable,that might make them think in future.

Hope every one had a reasonable nights sleep.

sylvi. xx


Hi, i agree with all your comments, don't know what i would do without you all. Had a crap day today, pain is so bad in my hip and fingers that i am typing with my other hand very slowly.Got told by several people today that is it bad today because of the weather being colder, and one lady said her friend was cured of her RA by moving to Spain ! Everyone was asking what was wrong with me as i was so quiet, it's because i am so tired of explaining why i am using my stick to get around to everyone at school and am feeling just soo.. tired !

Hope you all sleep well too.

Karen x x


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