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Das scores

I am on my 6 th week of MTx and had my first ads score recorded. I scored 3.8 and my rheumy nurse said she needs to get me to 2.6 to get me in remission. I hav to say i am feeling better now on the meds. Best felt in months. I am thinking do I need to keep taking MTx once I get in remission? Other question is when I get to remission will I have more pain to deal with and more flare ups.

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Whats ads score?

I've been having my bloods checked for 20 yr and never heard of that.

Beth x


Sorry I mean DAS


Disease Activity Score I believe Beth? I'm interested to know if we get to come off these drugs once in remission too having only just started MTX today. Take care, Tilda x


good luck Tilda, thinking of you xx


Sorry can't answer your question, everyone reacts different to medications and RA is very different in different people.

Your disease activity score doesn't seem to bad and I hope you do go into remission. I'd imagine you'd have to keep up the meds, disease modifying drugs do not stop RA or other related diseases it's hoped they will prevent the disease from getting worse.

Good luck hope MTX continues working for you.

Beth x


Hi Girls,

Just a quick word, my DAS score has never been top of my Rheumys agenda, she seems to go by CRP & ESR blood tests, and how I am.

My inflammation in my blood is normal level now with meds. I have reduced my plaquinil to one a day. I did try at one stage to go from 20mg to 15mg mtx per week, I really noticed at that time an increase in painful joints, so had to revert back to 20 mg per week.

On the good side I am off all painkillers, anti inflamms, steroids NSaids etc. Only Humira Injection twice a month, Folic acid 5mg per week, 1 x plaquinil a day, and 20 mg MTX.

I think when you are doing well with meds, and progress of disease seems to have slowed, they will be reluctant to reduce meds. sorry if thats bad news, but as my Rheumy says, the people who do the best are those that take and can tolerate the meds.

As everyone says we are all different so maybe some come off meds, but I guess that may be sometimes their choice and not their docs.

Good Luck with all,



Hi there,

I can't put my hand on the reference but I read some research that said that a percentage of people can get to a point where they are effectively in remission (although big debate about whether it is really a true remission since RA never goes away). Docs can then start to step down the meds very slowly, but I recall that most people only stayed off them for 6 months to a year before flaring again and having to restart.

But it's brilliant if you're starting to feel much better after only 6 weeks of MTX. However, it is the MTX that's controlling your RA and it's not that the RA has vanished, so do think carefully before considering changing your meds. Hope you feel even better after week 7. Polly


Hi Debbie,

There was a link posted once ny Lyn about DAS scores which I found very helpful, I did save it but lost it :( if anyone else has it??? I'll try fing the post....

Anyway, your DAS score at 3.8 shows 'moderate disease activity' and 2.6 reads as low, my consultant also aims for below 2.6 but doesn't use remission terms although like you I have achieved this but it's whats called a 'chemically induced remission' if we come of meds them it is very likely to come back (so I'm told).

I am on ebrel and MTX and was told that if things keep improving then the MTX will be reduced, hopefully you'll get your reduced also.

Glad to gear your feeling better though :)

I've been better for 4 months now and wonder if I will still get flares (none yet!) and only get little aches and pains but nothing compared too what it was!


I had my DAS done the other week for the first time ever since I was diagnosed 3 years ago and at my request and was stunned to find it was 4.95 - then I was totally flabbergasted when my Rheum nurses response was that she was going to 'make a note of it ion my file' is that it!!!!?????


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