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Hiya, I had to have my blood done again today at my Doctors, When chatting with my nurse, she mention a injection that has come out just recently to prevent Arthritis, have any of you seem this recently, it's not a cure just a prevention, If it's to late for me at least there will be something that the rest of our family can have to prevent them getting RA, As I have RA in my family, XX

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Oh ive never heard of that Shirl but as you say if it can be prevented it can only help our families.




They are investigation "vaccinations" for quite a number of autoimmune conditions at the moment as part of medical research, so yes, I would think that would be in the future. Coeliac disease is one where the research has actually got as far as being tested I think. If they can do it for that, then other autoimmune conditions may not be that far behind. It does depend on both them identifying the gene sequence that makes you more susceptible and on you actually having that gene sequence. For example in ankylosing spondylitis it might be HLA B27, so if they found a vaccine that would work for that it would only be useful if you actually were HLA b27 positive, which only about 85-90 percent are. So some wouldn't benefit anyway. Can't remember the gene for coeliac, but its an HLA DQ something I think and the vaccine they are testing is only for people who actually have that gene.


THEY COULD be talking about "bip" the new still at trial stage vaccine


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