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Saw my rheumy yesterday

I saw my rheumy dr yesterday I wasn't sure what he was going to say as last time I saw him he suggested that we nearly had it under control.

I wasn't sure we did as I've been in so much discomfort & my knees have been rubbish!

Anyway he agreed that my arthritis had gone up a level & we probably needed to introduce MTX.

I've got to have some blood tests, ultrasound of my hands & xrays of my knees.

I can't say I'm looking forward to going onto MTX but am just fed up feeling this sore & so very tired.

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I hope you get on with mtx ok and you get some relief.

Unfortunately i couldnt tollerate it but theres loads of people who are fine on it.

Take care




I was also not happy with having to take MTX like most people, but it has changed a lot of people life's on here, i have only been on it now for 10 weeks and am still having flare up's, i have been told i need to be more patient as this medication can take time to take affect, so hope every thing go well for you, Take care Xx


Hi Shirl, I have been on MTX since May 2010 and although it hasn't worked well for me, I certainly would be in a lot more pain without it. But it did take a good few months before I felt any difference, so hang on in there.

How are you getting on with giving up smoking? I am going to see the practice nurse at my GP surgery on friday for some help giving it up too!! June xx


mtx can work wonders and suits most people x


Hi Pauline, MTX is a bit of a scarey drug, but as long as your bloods are checked regularly you should be OK. Also, it sounds like you are in good hands with other checks being done like ultra sound and x-rays.

I've just been offered Anti-tnf treatment and I've been given 4 drugs to choose from, 2 are by injection which I would learn to do myself, and the other 2 are by drip in a clinic every 4 or 8 weeks. So, I'm in the throws of doing some research into each one. I have to tell you that although these drugs are having some positive outcomes they have got some worrying side effects. But I'm more scared of the outcome of not taking them. That is the position we are all in, and we each have to find our own acceptance of the benefits these drugs offer us.

I wish you well and some painfree days to look forward to. Take care, June xx


Hi Pauline - you will be fine and for me MTX has been amazing although as others have said it did take a while and a second DMARD to be introduced as well to take full effect. Tilda x



I've been on mtx since may. Really didn't want to take it but have not really had any side effects and am feeling really good at the moment. Good luck, hope it works as well for you.


Saw my rheumy last Tuesday. He agreed my shoulders needed some attention. Said he would arrange for me to have injections in them in next 2 to 3 weeks. turned out first available appointment is a month away. I'll be climbing the wall by then, -with help, obviously.

Cant sleep some nights for the pain. But as they say, there's always someone worse off than you. Roll on 12th March, get the jabs. At least the sun's shining, the birds are singing and my wife is smiling. (Must have found my


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