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naproxen & ibs

hi everyone seems a while since ive been on here but ive been back at work fulltime for last few weeks,and its been tough!! my doctor started me on naproxen a couple of weeks ago and with the lefludomide i started to feel better, but this week my ibs has been playing up so much that i had to leave work this morning cause i felt awful. Dont really wanna stop naproxen anybody out there that suffers with ibs & ra who could give me some advice as to what to try next tahnks michelle :)

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2 Hi there chemar

It may be the leflonomide/ naproxen that is upsetting your IBS. You need. To contact your rheumy team or your GP for medical advice. Good luck. Keeps taking plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated


You could ask if you could have ibuprofen gel or voltaren gel instead of the naproxen for a little while - at least to see if it is the naproxen that is stirring things up. The only difficulty with the NSAID gels is that you do need to put them on regularly to build up the effect, and you can only use them on a few areas at a time, so if you have a lot of places playing up its not much good.


thanks guys :) michelle


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