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A fun fortnight

Just had to smile when I looked back over the last two weeks.What a catalogue of disasters.

It all started with palpitations a week last Monday.My daughter insisted that I had to get it checked out and we + her boyfriend spent three hours in our local A & E.It was about 7pm when we arrived and there was standing room only.I was checked out and all was well.

Returned home was eating a light supper and my double crowned tooth slipped from its moorings leaving me with a large gap.Oh joy.

Tuesday;- Went to dentist.He told me not to eat on that side if possible and use other side for chewing.Did my best.

Tuesday pm:- Went for my regular blood tests This is never good as my veins are invisible..Blood extracted at first attempt.Nurse very excited.She sent a message to GP.They had to use butterfly clips last time.

Wednesday:- Went for mammagram.There s a problem.Consultant didn't think it was anything nasty but needed further investigation.

Thursday.:-Regular GP appt.She was delighted with my blood giving but then found that my blood pressure was astronomical.Have white coat syndrome.Have to have a 24hr monitor to get correct reading.

Friday:-Have chewed on other side as instructed by dentist.The crown on the other side popped out.

Saturday:-Day of rest.

Sunday:- 84 year old Father-in-law phoned.He had to go to hospital on Monday to have his eyes examined for cataracts. Would I go with him?


Monday:-Went with Father-in-law to hospital As he has macular degeneration he s not sure what to do about cataract operation.

Tuesday:-Dentist to have crown replaced.

Wednesday.:-My rheumy appt.For the first time all is well.The cimzia seems to be working well and I am relatively pain free.

Thursday:-Breast nurse phoned.Have an appointment for tomorrow.

Friday;-Went for heavy duty mammogramm and possible needle biopsy.My bosom wouldn't stay in the machine.Apparently I have very bouncy breasts.What a time for such a compliment.They did manage to draw on it in indellible pen but I'll have to have a MR scan instead at hospital 15miles away.Oh good,another hospital appt.Was reassured that there is no cause to be too concerned..

Hope this blog is not too long and you've enjoyed reading it.It would appear that bits are dropping off me at a rate of knots but my RA is very much better.


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If its going to go wrong do it in one go and get it done with. what a fraught two weeks you've had, hope that things are settling down now for you. I bet you feel like telling them to get lost with all hospital appts you've had. Its a good blog and no it wasn't boring. One good thing is they are keeping a good eye on you.

Sylvi. xx


A very busy diary xx


loved reading this blog! especially the 'nurse very excited' bit, made me smile!

enjoy your week x


Me too - it reads brilliantly - please keep going with the blogs Avril you're a natural! But I really hope the next ones are more positive and less drama for your sake..wishing you well with the breast tests fingers crossed for you (ouch). TT


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