Shin Pain

Maybe this is my come-uppance for quite frequently mentioning that I'm pain-free .... my shins have started hurting, nothing I can't handle but quite a deep down in the bone type ache, right at the front of my leg from ankle upwards. The reason it bothers me is that I had this type of pain last time I had a flare, though much more generalised. As it's just localised in the shin at the moment & is not exactly doing my head in, I've got time to ponder. Obviously it is not joint pain, the joints are okay, so any ideas what it might be?? Painkillers don't seem to touch it. Luce xx

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  • Hi luce... it sounds like a flare. What pain relief are you taking. Sounds like you need some stronger pain relief. Ice and heat are good to help relieve the pain too.

    Can you see you rheumy specialists to discuss your pain.

    Good luck


  • Don't know if I'm the only one who finds that sleep is the best pain relief! I know everyone feels better for a good kip but the effect is exaggerated - I'm aware that I have RA if I sleep poorly and, at the moment anyway, feel like a healthy being when I've slept well. Just slept for 10 hours solid so I should feel great all day & if I don't I think I'll agree with you about the flare possibility & start thinking about getting back to the rheumy dept. Thanks Carole,

    Luce x

  • This is something that I have had for a year or two but have mentioned lol so thank you for asking.


  • Yeah, I know RA has its own agenda half the time but it really should have the decency to stick to joints & leave our shins alone. Anyone else get this?

    thanks Philip,

    Luce x

  • When I first started getting proper RA symptoms - in my feet and knees - I used to get pain in my ankles and up the front of my shins. I haven't noticed it more recently but everything hurts now so might not notice!

  • Thanks Dogrose, I think I was also a bit concerned as I have what GP & Rheumy think is a harmless fatty lump on my right thigh but have been told to keep an eye on it. Most shin pain is on the right so without really thinking about it there was a bit of fear that the lump was something nasty that might have spread. Hearing that it's probably RA related is very reassuring. I'm sorry to hear that everything hurts & hope that changes soon.

  • I have quite a few of little lumps on my arms and legs, I think they are an RA side effect.

  • About 2 inches square (but irregular in shape, not actually square!) lodged in the muscle beneath my cellulite ... are yours like that? I have actually wondered whether so often having my warm laptop on my lap might have caused it.

  • It might possibly be related to nerve pain. Pain in the leg can often mean that there is a nerve trapped somewhere else - ie spine or ankle. It's worth mentioning it on your next appointment as they may prescribe different meds for nerve pain or explore further. x

  • Thanks Creaky. I don't know what nerve pain feels like but I'd be surprised if it's this deep, dull ache I've been getting?? And also, typical, having slept for England last night, truly Olympic class sleeping the pain seems to have gone. But I'll put it in my thrilling RA diary in case it continues.

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