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Has anyone else here beside myself had to have anecdotes after a snake bite? Most libraries keep a good selection so I'm told but depending on the venom it can be very difficult to pinpoint the correct yarn for the job. This is one of the reasons why I am so concerned about Library closures across the land. It could be the difference between life and death whether you can get to a functioning library before it's too late.

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Dear Ben

I hope you will allow me to be informal; wonderful word craft, it made me think and think hard.

I'm blaming the lack of red blood cells.

Very clever,

I have heard that Stratford on Avon's library is being moved to one of the local pubs, should keep the visitors happy, this town has no link with books or authors............



Quite. I never did believe the Bard lived in Stratford on Avon even though I went there several times when we lived in Birmingham. You couldn't swing a cat in Ann Hathaways Cottage so how he managed to write anything there is a mystery. Some say it was all down to the Bacon, but not Danish.


i live in Bulkington and we are going to lose our library as well. Me i'm blaming the drugs. sylvia.xx


You can't blame the drugs for library closures, but they may well have affected some of the idiots who got us into this mess.


I decided to use our library here before it got cut back. I discovered a fabulous fine art library for my art studies and that they also run book groups. Went to my first meeting last night and met some lovely people. They get a set of books for the group too. They say if you don't use it you lose it. But this is Scotland, where libraries have a v special place in history I believe.

Good luck with the antidotes



Well Cathie we could be losing Scotland as well as libraries before too long if Alex has his way. What do you think the people of Scotland will do?


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