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Between RA therapies......can you advise? (tocilizumab )

Good morning, thanks for looking :o)

Had first Toc' infusion 2 weeks ago (3 weeks ago took last Humira jab) I know it can take up to 12 weeks to become effective (if it's going to work) but experiencing lots of swelling and pain in more areas (more than I thought were affected by RA)


my energy levels have hugely improved and I was actually able to do more this week (which maybe why I hurt more).

Just wondered if anyone having/had this particular therapy has experience they can impart please?

Cheers :o)

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I haven't tried that myself, but I have heard folk can get pretty much immediate relief from first infusions, though like you it might be more noticeable in energy changes than joint swelling until it builds up. I think what is likely to happen is that it can take a while to build up to a regular level in your blood, so you might find that the effect starts to wear off a bit before the next couple of infusions until it does build up the effect. I'm not sure if thats one of the ones that they give you more frequent infusions to start with so it does build up quicker?


Hi earthwitch, thanks for replying, no it's not unfortunately, it's once a month.


Hi, I am on this therapy and had my second one on the 7th Dec . so next one on the 7 Jan ..ish .. I am not sure if it the meds but have been feeling really rough, heady ache and sooo tired . more than usual which I could not have believed ,and my swelling bits still swollen and back been hurting more and my neck also. Soooo . I hope it just that the meds not kicked in yet but have sneaky feeling they not going to work for me .. that will have been four dif ones .. But when having my last one a lady there at there at same time says it working wonders for her and she very happy with it .

Ihope your course of this works as it can do wonders like this lady said ,,, and I am keeping (figuratively as can not cross anything ) my fingers crossed . for me and for you .

Pam x


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