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I heard this morning that NICE have decided that women should be oftered a C-section even if it's not medically indicated

Now i assumed that the NHS like the rest of the public sector was facing huge cutbacks in funding so how have they come to this decision?

There are regular incidents of people being refused often life saving or life enhancing drugs as they are deemed too expensive for the NHS to provide and yet they are happy to fund unnecessary major surgery!

Please don't get me wrong -there will always be women who require C-sections on medical grounds and they should get the best care that the NHS can provide but it does seem a really crazy decision that they have made on this one.

Take care all


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Hi Julie,

I have no kids, but I totally agree with you, the NHS is cutting back so much on important services then adding this as a choice seems crazy!! Fair enough if its medicaly needed but just for being too posh to push etc its crazy!!

Julie x


I completely agree with you, any surgery is risky therefore, c section should never be carried out unless in emergency. This announcement is especially sickening when people are having to fight for life enhancing/life saving medications and nurses/ancillary staff are losing their jobs due to cut backs.

Still having trouble believing this has even been considered never mind making it policy.



Julie, i agree with you on this one. I had to have a c-section with my first born and it saved our lives. I have had to have a hysterectomy in later years due to the section i had. I was very glad to have had mine, but i wouldn't have one just to suit me. I have 2 lovely children and the 2nd was a normal birth and i know which choice i would have and it wouldn't be a section.



What is n.i.c.e thinking off!!, my hospital is trying to save money on drug budgets, and lose staff because of budget problems.. C sections on demand tie up beds and usually need antibiotics and stronger pain killers post c section than natural child birth!!


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