There goes another

There goes another

Life in a village sometimes has its downside. Every hearse conveys a neighbour or friend on their final journey and every funeral moves you closer to the top of the Grim Reaper’s list. One minute they’re there and the next they’ve gone. In London I was dealing with death and bodies every day but never knew any of them personally. I’m not sure which of these scenarios I prefer. Thank God the village has a school. New lives play just yards from the graves and tombs of former pupils who lie beneath them in the churchyard next door. Funny old world isn’t it. Wonder what it’s all for.

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  • Ben,

    You have interesting thoughts & ruminations. I think perhaps it may be better not to dwell on these things! In other words ARE YOU FOR REAL?????

    2 things as they say taxes & death!


    Regards, Gina.

  • The circle of life......of course if we were living dog years we would all be long gone! Good to step off the highway and ruminate Thank you Ben. Citihound.

  • I think your hilarious,its great to hear something other than pain. Sylvia.xx

  • I agree with you sylvi. It was nice to hear thoughts other than just our pain. Although we need to

  • you're a hoot, love the style and your daring stance on oft thought of, but little discussed, areas of life. Keep up the good work


  • you remind me of an author who's books I read but it's really bugging me who!!!!

    you don't go under a pseudonym do you? :) haha I'm sure it was a womans name....

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