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hi since taking antihist. rash has cleared up still a few spots but much better feel like complaining to dermo specialist

& doc is embrol better than mtx I was testeed for embrol & passed 2 years ago but never went on it i know its expensive maybe y still on 25mg mtx feel ok some swelling in hands & feel a bit depresed sometimes have suffered from bad depresion in the past not for 12 years had to many tabs to list last treatment was E,C,T 18 goes not very nice i think its hit & miss but did cure me cheers anglia

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Was your rash from the MTX? If so, then definitely consider it an allergic reaction and make sure its reported to the rheumatologist.

Yes, Enbrel can be a whole lot better than MTX, with far less side effects, and potentially far better results. You do have to be aware that in a very small number of cases there can be more serious problems, but actually its risk profile is far better than NSAIDs or many other commonly used drugs.

Please don't ever consider cost to the NHS in the equation - its not your problem. If a doctor has recommended a drug, then they must believe that it is worth it and will have enough benefits to be offering it to you. It is definitely something you should ask about again. The NHS wouldn't be using Enbrel at all if they didn't think that it was worth the money.


Hi Anglia and Earthwitch

Just wanted to clarify something. Everyone with RA is different, and some people will do better on MTX than on Enbrel or experience fewer side effects on MTX to Enbrel, so we can never say that Enbrel is going to be a better drug for everyone.

Also, Anglia you mention that you met the criteria for Enbrel and didn't go on to it, but you haven't said why that was. It would probably be worth speaking to your rheumatologist or rheumatology nurse to see if you still meet the criteria and if you could be considered for it again. If you are on 25mg MTX that's probably the highest dose they'll give, so if it's not controlling it well enough you may beed another drug to be added to it.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


thanks anglia


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