RA can bring you down- so can Insurance Companies who don't know the personal affects

Well this is my first blog and its murder trying to type. I was told 4 years ago that I had RA and have had all sorts of treatments. I still try and smile however somedays it's hard. I was a joiner on site and not being able to use my hands as much as I did makes it difficult to be positive some days. The staff at the hospital have been great but my biggest challenge has been trying to get a claim sorted from Legal and General for critical illness as they will do everything to delay and change the goal posts at every stage. I now work in an office doing admin and my employer and boss has been great but sometimes I wish I could do more around the house and help in the day to day activities that my lovely wife's does.

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  • It is so frustrating isn't it when you can't help. My hubby is retired and he does everything now for me. Just think if your lovely wife could take your pain away she would,that is what my hubby has said to me when i was crying through the pain. Keep your chin up. Sylvi. xx

  • Insurance companies are so annoying when they delay things arent they, not slow in taking your money though. At least you have a sympathetic employer and not to forget a lovely understanding wife. Hope you get things sorted with the insurance company soon.

    cris xx

  • Insurance companies are so annoying. i was told i couldn' have critical illness cover when i applied for life insurance as i declared i had RA, they asked no questions about the RA just said NO so why is it that when you apply for payout they ask questions. They always have you both ways eh!

  • Hello. since reading on here a few months ago that a gentleman had made a successful Critical Illness claim it made me thingk about my own policies that have been sat away in the drawer for years. I finally phoned them (Norwich Union) a couple of weeks ago and within a few days had the paper work to start a claim; and there it has sat. It hurts so much to use a pen these days that the thoought of having to fill the forms in fills me with dread - Ironic I think that I need to fill the forms in due to my illness but can't due to my Illness! Anyway the only help I can offer is that I contacted the NRAS to see if they could help and although they could not help directly with the initial application they gave so great advice and attached a statement form The CEO of the NRAS (someone who understands about RA as she has it) I know that when I do get around to filling the forms in what they said and sent will help lots. I obvioulsy do not want to give my private email address but you can either contact NRAS yourself or send me a private message with your email address and I'll forward a copy for you. Hope this helps, Kind regards Mel

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