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Positives and negatives

Hi All,

Well, after your kind support, I took the plunge and went to see my GP to be referred back to Rheumatology last week. She was really lovely and very concerned, also changed me on to Lansoprazole which seems to have helped improve my stomach after a couple of days of worsening discomfort (I look forward to the day they develop drugs that don't make you feel worse before hey make you feel better!) Spent the last week feeling much more positive as I've started taking control again but now got through an appointment at Rheumy for next week (v surprised at speed!!!) and now back to panic at the thought of what drugs they might put me on and side-effects and lifestyle limitations they might need. Makes me sound like a right old soak, doesn't it? I don't drink more than the recommended weekly amounts, often less, but do find having a glass of wine while supper cooks a comfort and a nod towards a normal life. A big part of me wants to cancel the appointment and pretend the RA isn't there but I know that isn't an option and I'd only be delaying the inevitable. Also worried as I try desperately to not look or act as if I'm ill so am sometimes my worst enemy when it comes to explaining my symptoms and the limitations they impose on my life. Found out this morning that I've got a sinus infection so hoping that is under control by Wednesday so I can be alert for the appointment. Ending on a high note, I have a course on Maternity Reflexology this weekend and am very excited as it's an area I'd love to specialise in if I can get the full use of my hands back - just hope the brain fog lifts long enough for me to take it all in.

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HI, good to hear that you have something to look forward to at the weekend, which will take your mind off your illness. Sorry to hear about the sinus infection, hope all goes well at next week appointment.


Don't worry too much but please don't downplay symptoms either. Most rheumatologists are so overstretched that they just haven't time to read between the lines so just be absolutely frank. If you are given time to see if the symptoms disappear then you may well get to the stage many of us reach where lifestyle changes become the least of our worries. But I can relate to the booze worry because I've recently had problems in that regard and am now teetotal having learned my lesson the hard way. But on the very plus side the drugs are working so well for me that I hardly know I even have RA. I doubt you will be diagnosed straight away without blood tests and possibly x-rays etc so I wouldn't get in a state of anxiety about things yet. But do try and record your problems to date in a simple fashion (a timeline) and if you have visibly swollen joints - especially knuckles and fingers - take photos and print them off to show him or her because symptoms have a way of disappearing on the day! Good luck, Tilda xx


Take someone with you so they can take in more than you can remember.xxxx


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