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Depo-Medrone jab

I had my Depo-Medrone injection at my GP's this afternoon. First thing he asked me was had the hospital given me a needle to bring with me as they don't keep that size in stock!

Secondly he had to telephone the Rheumatology department at the hospital because they hadn't told him what doseage to give. He said that hopefully they had enough in one phial to give me otherwise it would be three injections!

Luckily he managed to find enough to give me just the one!

I am lucky that he is a lovely doctor and although he said 'brace yourself Erika' it didn't hurt very much at all

I am now doing as told and resting for the next 48 hours - trying to drink the extra 3 litres of fluid they want me to have (shame is couldn't be a few Pinots!)

So far so good - hope everything goes to plan!

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Hope you are feelng better after the injection x



These injections are wonderful aren't they, hope your feeling better with it by now, I didn't know about drinking extra fluids, will keep that in mind :)


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