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Cimzia side effects

Hi everyone-

I don't get a chance to post on here very often but I've been reading the blogs and questions and the information on this site is priceless. Plus, I'm in the US and find the differences between the health care system here and NHS very interesting and informative.

Anyway, I've been on Cimzia for four months now and the RA does feel better which is the good news. The not so good news is that I've had some other health problems the last two months that could be side effects from the Cimzia. Last month, I developed nose bleeds and actually coughed up blood. My GP put me on antibiotics and it seemed to clear up. This month, I had a horrible upper respiratory infection and fever. Once again, I was put on antibiotics and the infection cleared up. The thing is, I really never get "sick" like this. My Rheumy is out of town for two weeks so I have to wait til he gets back to discuss but was advised by other doctors in his practice to hold off on the Cimzia until he gets back. I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems like this. Thanks so much!

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Hello, Nice to have another from America....

I'm not on Biologics, but one of the things I've read is that you do have a slightly higher risk of infections when you're on them, and that does seem borne about by posters on here as those on biologics do seem to be more prone than those of us on the DMARDS. But it sounds like you've had more than your fair share! Have you asked what your white blood cell count is? As if that's lower than it was before you started Cimzia then that might give you a hint that it's is a bit strong for you? I know I would feel nervous if my drugs got stopped, as I really don't want to go back to where I was before I started them. But hopefully a week or so so wouldn't make too uh difference.

Hope it clears up soon. Polly


I am on Cimzia and have had no problems at all. It was thought that being on any anti-TNF made you more prone to infections but I have also read a report that they are finding people are no more prone than anyone on MTX.

So do consult your Rheumy about this and see what he thinks. It could be coincidence. As Polly said, your blood results might contain a clue.



Thanks to both of you! Checking the blood results is a good idea. I guess I'll sit tight and wait to talk to my rheumy.


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