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Sore ankle

Hi! It's been awhile since I've blogged but I've kept up by reading everything.

I have been feeling really good & have kept up my exercising routine 3 days a week. I must have stepped wrong though, about a month ago and my ankle 'popped' really loudly. It hurt for about 15 seconds then was ok again. But ever since, my left ankle (the inside) has felt unstable but I could still exercise on it. Then last week, my ankle was getting so sore during the day, that I finally looked at it around 3 pm & it was seriously swollen. I just put it up & rested the rest of the day. The next day it was still quite swollen, so I called the Dr's office & left a message for the nurse. They called me back later & said I should wear either a boot or a brace & they called it in to the place I picked. I went there later that day & looked at everything & picked the cheapest brace, since I have to pay for everything with no insurance right now.

The brace helped with the swelling but it doesn't help much with the unstableness that I'm feeling. It seems that any twisting or turning that I do with that ankle is now re-injuring it. I'm really thinking that I should call my orthpaedist to see if I tore something in there. I hate to do it because I just got myself clear from all medical debt and I want to enjoy that for awhile.

I think that I'll try a bike ride today, that will take the weight-bearing off my ankle & still I'll be outside & getting some sun & exercise. The wind is quite strong today, coming in gusts but it is warm. I'll wait another day before I decide what to do about my ankle.

I'm also trying to catch an elusive mouse that is in my house. I've baited the traps, 2 different kinds & have caught nothing but some bugs, yet. I keep seeing him out of the corner of my eye & I jump & yell each time. Ugh, vermin! I had a friend help me block the gaps at the bottom of both my doors, so perhaps I have trapped him inside. Someday he'll get caught.


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Christine, Lovely to see you have been getting on for the last few months.You must rest that ankle. Have you tried swimming as that would be a better way to help you. The water takes the weight of your joints so you won't put so much pressure on them.

Mice, have you thought about getting a cat!!

Sylvi. xx


Try chocolate, not cheese...they seem to prefer it. We have a type of small furry thing here that eats everything, and although I can bring myself to trap them I then have to avert my eyes as I empty the trap into a paper bag and then bury it discretely in the garden.

But look after that ankle - probably best to get it dealt with sooner rather than later as will only get more expensive. So don't overdo it! Pollyx



Your blog makes me realise how lucky we are with the amount of free treatment we get here - I assume you are in the USA?

I really do think it is worth getting your ankle looked at though. It may be a tendon or ligament that's gone which will require some physio.

I wish you luck with it.



Yes Judy, I am in the US. I finally updated my bio on here to tell everyone my story. I have a lunch date with a girl-friend, then some errands to run. I'll call that Dr tomorrow for an appt. Hopefully, I won't have to wait 3 months.



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