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Arthrotec question



Has anyone been on Arthrotec before trying to conceive? I know that they can cause mis-carriage and other problems if you take them whilst pregnant. I took my last tablet a week ago and am not sure if I need to wait several weeks for it to be out of my system before I start trying. I've spoken to the doctors and one said there's no need to leave a gap and another say that there are no guidelines but it might be best to leave it a month to ensure it's out of my system. It's so frustrating not getting one definite answer and I want to start trying asap in the hope of remission and the joy of a baby of course :-)

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I'm not sure what an Arthrotec is Janeye? Is it similar to a DMARD I wonder. I think it takes longer to get drugs such as Methotrexate out of your system I think it's worth holding fire until you are sure i- it's too big a deal to risk I would say so if in doubt wait a month. Good luck! Tilda x

arthrotec is diclofenac (an NSAID) with a stomach protector (misoprasol) built into it. I don't think its available in the UK?

The problem with trying to state a safe period is that drugs don't generally leave your system all at once. They have what is called a half life - that means that half of the drug leaves your system in a particular timeframe, but then it might take the same amount of time for half the remaining drug to leave, and so on. So while most of it might be out of your system quite quickly, you could still have some traces there for quite a long time. For that reason, I'd leave it the longest suggested time, rather than going for the shortest answer - in your case, and from what has been said, a month should mean you are well clear of it.

You could always check with a pharmacist on this though - they usually have more up to date and detailed information about drugs than doctors do.

Every drug has a half live.

Ask your pharmacist they have a chemical understanding of the drugs.

I personnally would wait the month then try.

Good luck.


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