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Map of Medicine

I just had a look at the Map of Medicine sections on RA and was really impressed. These were last updated in July 2011 and seems to be much more up to date than lots of other stuff on the web.

The Map of Medicine was originally developed about 10 years ago by Dr Owen Epstein at the Royal Free Hospital as a guide for GPs and Junior doctors, but I believe that it was a bit too simplistic for most experience doctors and did not really help with the hard cases. However, it seems to be coming into its own as a really useful guide for patients.

The Map of Medicine is organised as a set of pathways, starting from initial symptoms through general practice and then on to specialist Rheumatology and other specialist care. It is based on the latest guidelines from NICE, the Scottish SIGN 123 ad other accessible references.

I think that the Map of Medicine provides a really well structured summary, which helps you think of relevant questions according to where you are along the pathway. It also helped me understand the more technical guidelines that are aimed at doctors, and identify what I did not know.

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Yeah I looked at this last year and found if very informative.

Do you have the link if so could you post it, could be good for others to see, if not I will try and look for it tomorrow.

Julie x


The .main URL is RA starts at



Hi Tim

Thanks for this - what a fantastic resource.



Really helpful, thanks. Polly


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