Anyone have low potassium levels?

Just wondered how many people have low potassium levels? I had an odder than normal episode of pins and needles last week and so had bloods done. I rang up today for the results and was told to make an appointment due to low potassium levels. I eat quite healthily so was wondering what is causing it. From what I have read it could be causing some of my symptons.

Lottie xx

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  • I've had low calcium and vit d but don't know if potassium has been low. Is hat the one for cramp and you eat a banana?

    regards sandra

  • Apparently so.I eat plenty of bananas so can't be due to lack of potassium going in.

  • Lots of reasons for low potassium, loss of potassium due to diarrhoea, sickness, over use of water tablets. Problems with kidneys.

    You need to have some blood tests, so a trip to your GP is in order.

    Most cases of low potassium can be corrected by replacement potassium tablets.

    Good luck


  • Hi, I have read that certain drugs can also cause low potassium, like prednisone for example.. Last year my daughter had the opposite problem she had high potassium and we discovered it was caused by using a salt substitute. Hope you get it sorted soon. x

  • Just back from the GP. He has done another blood test to check my potassium level again before starting any supplements and has suggested stopping the diuretic medication for a couple of days to see if that makes any difference. He is also checking my ESR and CRP and if up will contact the rheumatologist. Hefeels the pins and needles may be caused by my blood pressure?? although that is quite good at the moment.

    Lottie xx

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