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That's what my boyfriend has started calling me - apparently, 'hecking' means limping, so he's not far off the mark!

I think I overdid it a bit at the weekend, though. We decided to walk into the town centre (about 30 minutes, on a good day), and I was already feeling it in my hips, knees and feet before we were halfway, but I like walking, and I decided (stubbornly) that I wasn't letting a bit of pain stop me! We had a wander around a few shops, had a nice lunch, and then headed to the bus station ... to find that the last bus left 5 minutes ago! AGH!

So, off we headed on the walk back. My boyfriend, bless him, offered to pay for a taxi, but I (again, stubbornly) said that I'd be fine, and the walk would 'do me good'. Needless to say, I was limping, getting slower and slower, and generally struggling within about 5 minutes, but refused to give in. I think you know you're pushing yourself too far when you realise you're holding your breath to do simple things like walking and standing up, which was pretty much where I was at. Never has that beaten up old sofa looked so inviting as when I finally slumped on it 45 minutes later!

I seem to have developed bursae in my feet, too - they've got larger and more painful over recent months, and seem to hover between my 4th and 5th MTPJs on both feet. They swell up even more when I've done a lot of walking, but they're present and tender even when I haven't. So that's something new for me to mither over!

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Sooty we don't like to give in do we. I had to walk in st. ives in cornwall and by the time we got back to our car i was in tears so i know how your feeling. I am sending you cyber hugs. Sylvi.xx


Aw, thanks, Sylvi - hugs back!

I definitely don't like to give in to it, and I know from your blogs that you're just the same!

Sara xx


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