Feeling low

It has been a while since I was last here and a lot has happened . but this is the GOOD NEWS The local council have let me hav a loveley Bungalow. Have had both knees replaced one in December and one in April both knees doing well.Just have awfull pain in ankles now so bad that somedays I do not want too stand on them but the rheumy department are investigating and have sent me for x-rays.Changing from methetrexate tabs to injections.

The low point is I have been made redundant on the 15Th June as the firm I worked for has gone into administration and closed down and they were aware of my RA and understood that I had good and bad days

I feel that I would like to go back to work in an office but where do you start?? If I got an interview on a really bad day what would they think if i walked in on two walking sticks should I tell them at the application stage before the interview can any one advise.

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  • I'm pleased about the bungalow Janice. I think the reason your feeling low is that it has now hit you that you are not able to work and you have had two quite major ops in the oast few months. Cut yourself some slag and concentrate on you and get some rest. Take some time out and then see how you feel. You can claim unemployment so that should help you. They might even assess that your not fit for work and put you on esa. Speak to them and see what they say. Also do you have dla if not speak to the dwp about that as well.

    Hope you soon have a brighter day. sylvi.xx

  • Hi Janice53

    It is not a requirement to tell a prospective employer about your RA, but many people do choose to be upfront about their condition. Under the Equality Act 2010 employers should, generally, not ask candidates to complete any health questionnaires, or attend a medical, until they have been made a formal job offer. Once the offer has been made you must, of course, answer any questions about your health truthfully.

    You might find it useful to read our 'I want to work' booklet. It has information about your rights at work and also lists a few organisations who can help with re-training, or finding a new job (Remploy and The Shaw Trust). You can download this booklet from our website: nras.org.uk/help_for_you/pu...

    Congratulations on your bungalow, and I hope this information is helpful.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate

    NRAS Helpline

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