It's been a long week

Hi everyone,

It's been one week since my ENT said there was nothing he could do for my sjogrens. Well with the help of people on this blog I have dramatically improved my outlook, improved my symptoms and have a greater understanding of how I can help myself to beat this (hopefully into remission).

I have high fluoride toothpaste, extra dry mouthwash, mouth sprays, lemon glycerine drops and chewing gum. I have nasal rinses and nasal moisturiser, a vaporiser to help my breathing during the night. I've introduced more ginger, onions and fish into my diet. I've kept a food diary which also documents any problems with reflux symptoms which has helped to identify how much food I can eat and when the best times for me to eat are. I've cut out a lot of sugary foods, although I do allow myself a small bar of bourneville dark chocolate most nights with a cuppa.....that's my treat ha ha.

I feel more relaxed and less anxious, more positive and these new measures are firmly placed in my life. I still have a little problem with dryness when I speak but I find if I just explain to people then they are fine.....after all who will deny a person a little sip of water??

Now I just need to find some natural therapy for hayfever and I will be any suggestions would be welcomed!!

I hope people have a great week ..... Sending you all positive hugs


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Hello Mrs Robbo

What a great blog! I love your positivity and fighting talk and I love your list of remedies. I reckon most of us could earn a good living on the side with the amount of meds we have for one thing or another.

I've been told that if you find someone locally who keeps bees their honey will help you develop a resistance to the effects of the pollen. Worth a try and certainly not harmful.

Good luck - I feel motivated now.



What a great blog,I wish you luck with what your doing, I'm not sure if i could do what your doing I think your very brave. Sylvi. xx


Its costing me a small fortune but I guess it will soon become like buying milk and eggs...a regular occurence, I am also going for some spiritual healing too which will help me relax. I am hoping positivity and relaxation will enable me to cope. X


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