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Sooo that didn't exactly go to plan!

After being so positive that I was going back to work Wednesday and feeling as near to normal as possible on Tuesday had a massive flare up Tuesday night. Seriously starting to think I'm allergic to work. Was so excited to be going back though. Before I went to bed my knee was twinging a bit but nothing major, woke up at 2am with completely stiff knees like they were pre steroid injections. Woke up again at 4am and by 6 am was sitting on the bed sobbing hysterically as my boyfriend tried to reason with me and calm me down. Had to call into work and tell them that I couldn't even manage to get out of bed let alone dressed, down the stairs and drive into work. Felt like such a faker as I'd spoken to them the previous day and said I was fine...even I find it hard to believe how quickly things change with RA so I'm sure everyone else struggles with the concept that one minute I can bend my legs and walk about fine and the next minute I can't stand.

On a positive note the Rheumatology team have been fantastic. I called the helpline at 8am yesterday, was called back by lunch time and had an appointment to see the consultant and specialist nurse at 2:30 today. Can't beat that really. As it's only been a week and half since I had the joint injections they said I can't have any more of them. However they've given me a DEPO steroid injection in the thigh...which apparently will either do nothing or will make me feel great for around 3-4 weeks...lets hope it's the later! They're also reviewing my MTX etc. So really pro active which has put me in a better mood. Just not sure what to say to work now and not sure how much longer I can sit at home and still have my sanity!!!

Only time will tell I suppose!!


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hiya ....

sounds like what i was like ... i would tell work yes i'll be back tomorrow and then by morning in so much pain that i had to call in sick and i felt that they was saying to each other that i was faking it but after a while i thought i dont care what they think or say i know im in pain ...

i had steroid injection and it made no difference so after 5 weeks and still in pain im now on steroid tablets ... just a low dose and it has been quite effective

it is a waiting game really ... just to sort out whats good for your ra and once thats done hopefully everything will be so much better for you

debs x


Do you think it could be stress ? Hope things go better c


Hi Debs, glad to hear the steroid tablets have worked for you. I also tried those and they helped for a couple of weeks but then the effect seemed to wear off. Am still on a low dose but they don't seem to make any difference. Whereas the last lot of steroid injections were really effective. Isn't it strange how one thing can work for one person and not another when we all have the same disease. Thank you, I hope you also get sorted soon. I hate feeling like I'm wasting my life sat around waiting for my knees to go down!

Hi could be right. My boyfriend also suggested that it was the stress of going back to work. I didn't feel particularly stressed, I was excited to go back but I suppose I was anxious after having so much time off. Not really sure how I can overcome that though..especially the longer it goes on. Thanks, hopefully when I get the medications sorted they'll have a stronger effect than my stress! Hope you are well. x


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