Very red rash has appeared

I started taking Hydroxy about a month ago and have had no side effects apart from mild headaches about 2 hours after taking it. Today I have a red rash about 5x5 cms above my left ankle! I know that rashes etc can be a side effect but if it was going to happen I imagined it would be on my face not my extremities! Has anyone else had this problem?


Carolyn x

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  • Hi, I would have thought a drug related rash would be widespread. I had a brief Sulfa rash which covered my chest and arms. But it went away quite quickly.

    Have you ruled out everything else like a bite or eczema?

    Hope it soon clears up.

    The main problem I have with Hydroxy is if I take it very late I can't sleep.

    My Pharmacist recommends I drink lots of water because I take lots of tablets, so that they get flushed out efficiently. That might help your headaches.

  • The hydroxy rash would be widespread as phoebe says and predminately on upper body

  • Hi Chappy - I took Hydroxy about a year ago and within about 4 weeks started to get very hot, red and itchy arms. Didn't affect any other part of my body just the arms (weird). Consultant confirmed this was a reaction to the drug and I came off of it. Think maybe you should mention this to your Consultant. Hope this helps, take care.

  • Thanks so much for your replies. I'm seeing rheumy nurse next week so I'll bring it up with her. Sounds like it's not to do with the Hydroxy.


    Carolyn x

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