Overdone things!

Think I've pushed myself a bit too far!

I have quite sore fingers and a pulled muscle in my side.

Was working in father in laws garden yesterday and trying to hurry before the rain came down. I just can't get comfortable tonight, hence writing this at 3am.

I'm sure I'm not the only one awake and in pain.

I hope you are sleeping better tonight Sylvi.

Hubby bless him is in dream land beside me.

Maybe this will make me realise I still have to be careful.

I know I'm one of the lucky ones as my RA is fairly mild, I really feel for all of you that are in so much pain.

Blasted disease!

Mary x

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Mary my love you brought a smile to my face with your comments about me sleeping. Well my friend i did sleep all night and i didn't get up until 7.30am. I know what you mean about overdoing it. I am guilty of that in more ways than one. If i'm feeling good i will go at it like a mad un. I find pacing the hardest thing to do,but i do try to ease off a bit. All i can say to you mary is rest today and see how you feel tomorrow. You might have to rest the whole week-end,if you do enjoy the enforced break. Sit down with a book or a good movie. If the muscle in your side doesn't get any easier then you must get it looked at. Its hard enough coping with ra without having pulled a muscle.

So mary my friend get back into bed and get hubby to bring breakfast in bed and enjoy the forced rest.



Well I'm really glad you slept Sylvi, it will have done you the world of good.

I managed to get to sleep, read my kindle for a while and that helped. Am still in bed and will take it easy over the weekend.

Thanks for your reply, made me happy to see it this morning.

Don't rush things yourself today, just take it steady.

Best wishes

Mary x


yes i could cry, most of the time, but try and keep going as wish it would go away, but it will not, and i try and carry on, and over do, then spent the rest, of the week paying for it, ,jo.x


HI the trouble is if you are used to being active it is hard to take a day of rest. I find that I just want to be how I was 8 years ago. Some days after a bad nights sleep I feel knackered but try and push myself. I know that is the wrong thing to do but I am not ready to sit back. Plus I eat more chocolate ! Then I put on weight and the consultant says you must lose weight. He who is 6ft 6 " and thin as a rake.

Sorry to be a moaner but had a really awful night and now have to take mother shopping at 80 she is fitter than me. I cannot keep pace with her.

Lets hope the sun shines tomorrow.

Love to all. Sam 59XX


Know the feeling, I have mild RA as well, decided to spring clean the garage, 3 hours are four car loads of junk later--- today I ache all over, hands stiff and sore, ribs sore and feet swollen stiff and sore, we never learn do we? Lol hope you fe el better soon xx


Thanks for all your replies, I don't think we will ever learn!

Am feeling a little bit less sore, just taking it easy.

Mary x


Hi I'm in same boat re overdoing things - I had a lot to do this week in Edinburgh including cleaning student son's flat where I've been staying. I knew I was starting to flare yesterday but ignored it favour of leaving the place clean so that it's not horrible to return to in a month when my OH, youngest and our dog come for a week's holiday (eldest student son is home with his girlfriend both working full time for 6 weeks now before coming back down for nightclub and waitressing jobs during the festival).

Last night my left ankle, which has been sore for months, started being very sore. Kept me up through the night and this morning is red hot and swollen so could hardly pull my boots on. I have a big, heavy hold all bag with pully and a rucksack with son's post in it plus much else - and have to get down four flights (no lift) and walk to bus stop and then change for the airport bus. I'm going to try and find a walking stick in boots as I can hardly walk on it - know I need to rest it but no choice about it today! Will collapse in a puddle when I'm home this evening! This is mild RA too so would hate to think how I would be if u had it badly as so many on here do.

Take care and let's make a pact not to overdo things again for a good long while?

Tilda x


LOL! I know I'm the last one to be commenting on taking it easy...I don't practice what i preach.

So sure, let's make a pact not to overdo things again for a very long time. Like all Summer!


I'm am so glad to hear i am not alone at 'over doing it' on the good days. I've been spring cleaning, plus regular cleaning, laundry, meals, etc for 3 wks with the help of my mom (who is also more fit and has endless energy). I am sore today after putting the garage in order and washing/cleaning both cars and stripping sick child's bed from head to toe. I am going to only do one load of laundry and get some groceries, a garage visit and supper today, as tomorrow is a soccer game 2 hrs away and shopping and hopefully a night with a friend if i can manage. This disease sucks, if it's not pain, it's fatigue, i also wish to go back 20 yrs. Good Luck to all you who suffer daily with this dreadful disease. I am looking to start Enbrel soon, as i have gotten through all the pre - enbrel tests and vaccinations. I have moderate to severe RA but am not in constant pain, but do have alot of limitations, hoping this does not send me into a flare and gives me a life back to keep up with my kids. I feel for anyone who is a single mom like myself, the burden of doing it all is almost too much to bear. May we all find relief and quality of life soon. Hugs to all,



Good luck Tilda, hope you get to the airport ok and rest when you get home!

"a pact" that's a damn good idea!

Hope you are not too shattered, let us know how you are when you get home.

Mary x


Nancy, glad its not just me overdoing things, sounds as if you need to put your feet up too. My RA is mild and I apparently am in remission, but still sore fingers, and definitely not got as much energy as before.

Oh well, we just have to adapt to living with this horrible thing.

All the best

Mary x


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