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can anyone su ggest a strong pain killer can ,t walk today feet are very painful no ibrufin or nurofen thanks

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Hello :) There are allsorts of painkillers available. I take a codeine phosfate along with 2 paracetamol tablets so it makes a cocodamol kind of tablet. You can buy cocodamol over the counter but if you want individual codeine then you need to make an appointment with your GP or Consultant as you can only get them on prescription. Cocodamol tablets do work but the doses of codeine and paracetamol in them are quite low and depending on your height and weight, the amounts may not help your pain (hence why I make my own version). If you really are struggling then there are allsorts of other things available such as Tramadol, Diclofenac, Naproxin (Some of which are anti inflammitaries and others painkillers). I would make an appointment with your GP and get some really strong stuff to help ease your pain. My painkillers do make me feel a bit tired but I always find that a little snooze sometimes helps my pain get better :P

I hope that helps a little bit! :)

Emma :)


Hi ... i dont know if you are like me but i only used to take painkillers when i was in pain but when i went to see the rheumy i said to her that i was in constant pain and she said that you have to control your pain and the way i do it doesnt .. becoz only taking them when your in pain your only taking them then waiting for the pain to go so playing a waiting game ... so she said take the paracetamol like you would take a course of tablets 2 tablets every four hours and if you have swollen joints then if needed ibuprofen in between and just 2 tramadol before you go to bed ... i was a bit wary but it has worked for me

but always speak to your doctor first

hope this helps

debs xx


I'm on

Pregabalin 300mg twice daily

Diclofenic 50mg 4 hourly

Paracetamol 2 tabs every 4 hours

Tramadol 50mg 2 every 4 hours

The Pregabalin and Tramadol has made a great difference to how much pain I've been in and also helped with the burning and pins and needles.


If you have any sort of bowel probs don't touch Codeine Sulphate! I took it last Nov after surgery and I am STILL having problems with severe constipation. I have just been precribed Naproxen which I take with Paracetamol and find it does help with RA pain. I had further surgery on my foot 48hrs ago, and I can honestly say I slept all night with no pain at all - but aren't crutches the living end? I am bumping into everything and every task takes so long hopping along on one foot!


Nugget, Are you being seen and followed by a GP or Rheumatologist? There are many pain meds as others have listed here, seems your GP should be able to give you a Rx for something to keep you more comfortable. Do you have RA or another auto-immune disease? Someone needs to know your current condition so please make an appointment to see them ASAP. Best regards, Loret