Steroid injection doesn't seem to have kicked in!


I got a Depo-Medrone injection over a week ago but it doesn't seem to have kicked in. Still in a lot of pain. I am on Methtrexate 17.5 mg. Saw the rheumy nurse last week who gave me the injection and said that the rheumatologist should review my medicines. My appointment with the rheumatologist is in August. The nurse tried to reschedule it but the rheumatologist is completely booked. Am going round the bend!



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  • Tish, could you give your rheumy nurse a call and see what she/he has got to say ? Perhaps they could fit you in as an emergency or advise you which pain killers to get from your GP. I did this when had sciatica in my right leg when I couldn't cope with the pain any longer.


  • Hi Tish, I totally agree with Judi. I was in a lot of pain with my ankle a couple of months ago to the point where I was in tears and was really struggling. My consultant was completely booked up but they managed to slot me in at the very end of a clinic to try and sort me out. I would definitely give the nurse another ring and see if you can see someone :)

    Emma :)x

  • Hi Judi and Emma,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I called up the nurse today but she wasn't in. Will call again tomorrow. Spoke to the GP as well. He said he would fax the consultant. I hope they see me soon and review my medicines.



  • For a whole year when my ra was badly flaring I only saw the rheumy nurse. When my steroid inj did not work, she put me onto prednisolone tablets which helped a lot to begin with, she also added more dmard drugs. It was only when I qualified to try a biologic that I saw the rheumy doc. Keep asking until you get more help. I'm glad your G.P. is helping and pushing to get help for you.

    Hope you get sorted soon, Zena

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