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Have been told by RA consultant that the pain and discomfort in my right shoulder (and the creaking noise when I move it) could be down to the rotator cuff rather than RA in the joint., Does anyone have any experience of that? Would be glad of some info if possible. Also the tendon which runs over the shoulder in a groove - I have been told that can cause problems as well particularly with RA because of the damage to the joint. Any assistance much appreciated. LavendarLady

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Hiya - I have rotator cuff impingement. I had to have physio. The biggest problem was my posture. Leaning forward with your shoulders. The other problem was I was trying to lift copious amounts of straw onto a pitchfork to spread around the cowshed. I had to learn how to do it standing upright. But the pain was blooming awful.

See your GP and ask to be referred for physio did this come on gradually or did you do something? I just found my hurt more and more as I did more and more manual work, until it was so stiff and painful I couldn't do any more. I had ultra sounds on it before I had the physio because it was so stiff You have to get rid of the inflammation before you can physio it.

Someone ought to really find out what is causing the pain firm. Good luck me dear.

take care

Julie xxx


Hi Julie, thanks for that. I don't recall doing anything in particular which might have triggered it off. RA Consultant did suggest an ultra sound scan but that means a private appt at Norwich! My Chiropractor has worked on it with ultra sound in the past which has helped but the moment I overuse the shoulder (general day to day jobs etc, walking dog, training dog, housework) it comes back. Has been treated with steroid injection but that only lasts a couple of days. Seeing GP on 22nd to discuss meds I am on so will mention it to her then and ask to be referred. (We may have a physio at the surgery but I am not too sure). LavendarLady


It's me again.

Just to say you sound like I did, having to keep going back to the docs until I got a physio at the local hospital with more than a passing interest in shoulder problems He was absolutely brilliant.

What happened with me was:

Firstly had to rest and take anti-inflammatories to make sure inflammation gone. He gave me an exercise to do. You stand by a wall arm 90 degree angle and press side of elbow against wall. If this is too painfull, still inflamed. If bearable, ring to make physio appointment.

So when it was less painful I went along to 6 sessions, and there were all sorts of exercises he put me through, using a ball against the wall, band stretching, strengthening the muscle and bike riding.

I also had some stretches and exercises with my back lying on the floor, placing a wrapped up towel under my spine, so that the blades hang either side, and pressing down with the top of your shoulders.

All this is to improve the posture and I am so conscious of my posture now, and I have not had the same impingement BUT do still have a pain or ache if I over do things and my posture becomes a bit lax again.

Of course this is only my experience, he did suggest a steroid injection if the inflammation or pain didn't go away in the first place. But as I know having had them in my heels before, they are so painful, I made sure I rested and took the anti inflammatories :-).

Good luck me dear

Julie xxx


Hi Julie, Thanks for the info. I could certainly do with my posture improving. Had a think over the last couple of days and have come to the conclusion the damage to my shoulder has been caused by the recoil of my shotgun when shooting. It develops a hell of a kick and I have ended up bruised from elbow to shoulder. Will see what the GP says on Wednesday and let you know. Best wishes. LavendarLady


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