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Help needed? Could I be suffering from something other than RA?

I have been on Cimzia since November 2011, and the first few months were wonderful - just what they told me - I would feel fantstic! I know I have been under alot of stress since then (job, etc) but I am now beginning to feel like I was before I was on Anti-TNF. My Rhuemy nurse thinks my body could be rejecting the drugs I'm on! I now feel a bit down, and scared again, wondering if maybe the diagnosis was incorrect in the beginning. Don't think I'm disapppointed with my hospital - I'm not, they have been amazing, but they are as confused as me?

Anyone else experienced a similar senario???

Any ideas would great, thanks!

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Firstly don't panic, the stress and worry will be making you worse. Just because your not getting benefit from this drug at the minute doesn't mean it's not working or another TNF won't work for you. Also, you may be having a flare and might need some stronger painkillers until the flare settles.

Your consultant may choose to give you something different altogether or add something to the Cimzia to aid relief.

Please stop worrying, try heat/cold packs for now they may give some relief and practice breathing exercises to help with stress and pain management.

Beth xx


Hi there,

I think the docs would have to be pretty sure you do have an inflammatory arthritis to prescribe an anti-TNF as they do have to go through an assessment process so not just one person's decision, and since it costs over £10,000 a year they wouldn't hand it out unless they really thought it would work. By all means ask, as it's always better to be certain - but don't get your hopes up that they'll suddenly think that you have something other than RA that can be cured easily.

As Beth says there could be other reasons that things aren't working well for you right now. I haven't been on anti-TNFs (yet...) but the three drugs I've had each worked brilliantly for many months and then slowly the disease asserted itself again. So this disease can be tricky to deal with. But a couple of times I've managed to get myself back on course by resting more, eating better and generally trying to keep positive. So as Beth says, try not to panic. Take care. Polly


I have been on adalimumab since July 2008 and since Xmas I have been having flares. For the 1st 12 months it felt like my life was back to normal, it was the best thng since sliced bread. Now on thursday I am starting mxt injections to see if it helps. I tried the tablets before and apart from bad stomach ache and frequent trips to the toilet there was no improvement. Hopefully the injections are no so bad. Because like you I want to feel wonderful again. Here,s hoping, but it is good to know that I am not the only one that this type of drug stops working so well after more than a year. At the hospital I felt like the only one so I must be strange!


hi pj, these drugs take time and when the ra flairs up you do think its not working, your blood test is the only way of knowing if they are working i have had this 15 years and last year i was in tremendous pain, i went to the doctor crying with pain and he put me on depression tablets,, depression causing pain and pain causing depression


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