really ill

hi everyone i have been really ill with my ra and have been in hospital for 2 weeks on fluids and a had 2 blood trafusions my immflamation was over a 100 i can only walk using a stick trying to get myself better now but i cant go out cause i am to weak to suppose it will take time just waiting on my results of which they said i have colitis as well as ra what a time i have had any1 want to comment would be nice thanks guys xxxxxxxx

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  • Ords i feel for you my friend and i'm sending you hugs and kisses.Think about it as they are doing the best they can and at the end of it all you should start to feel better than you are now.

    Blog on here all you like good or bad funny or sad and we will be here for you. Love sylvi. xx

  • Hi Ords

    I'm really sorry to hear you are suffering. How awful. I do hope things improve for you soon.

    I've managed to get an ear infection on top of the RA and Sciatica.

    Take care.


    Traceyanne x

  • Dear Ords,

    So sorry to hear you are so poorly, sending you hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery

    Alison x

  • Sorry to hear you've been poorly. I hope you feel better soon. Take care

    Paula x

  • Hello Paula haven't seen you for a while how are you keeping just now? Your rheumy apt must be quite soon now I'm hoping? TTx

  • Hi Tilda, I'll put a little blog up in reply so I don't hijack Ords blog :-)

  • Great will look forward to it! TTx

  • thanks for all your kind comments so nice :)

  • Hey Ords poor you - bad enough having RA without colitiis to add to the bag of autoimmunes - take it easy now you're home. Tilda x

  • sorry to hear your so unwell

    hope your on the mend soon

    take care

    julie xx

  • What a time of it you've had - poor thing, I feel for you. Hope you've seen the worst of it now & will pick up quickly now you're home. Take care. Polly

  • Take care Ords, hope that you feel better soon. Wendy x

  • Oh gosh, that was be rotten for you. I suppose all you can do is keep going t the hospital and keep resting until they get it controlled, wishing you a speedy recovery ( ) Axx

  • Hi Ords

    Sorry to hear your poorly at the moment.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

    Sci x

  • Hi Ords, things can only get better, hope you have started on the recovery road! Prayers for you, hugs from Jane.

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