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Mabthira as a first biologic drug?????

would you take Mabthira first before trying any other anti tnf drug if your consultant suggested it might be a good option for you. If so could you say why- and if not, could you explain what your concerns would be.

My consultant has suggested that I go straight onto this drug from failed methotrexate. I have to make up my mind by tuesday when my rheumy nurse will ring me to get my answer. I just want to have the best chance of remissiojn and cant believe he wouldnt have suggested it without good reason. Foolishly I came away not asking and understanding properly why he suggested that one.

Any help appreciated.


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Hi Fiona, I'm quite surprised your consultant as gone straight for Mabthera (Rituximab) without first trying one of the other more popular Anti-Tnf's. I myself tried Humira.Enbrel and Infliximab before going onto Rituximab. One of those Anti-Tnf's may have been a more suitable option for you, if it was me I would ask why go straight to Rituximab, I'm quite surprised you didn't as I now you like to get all the information first.

It's your choice, but I would like to now his reasons if I were you.

Let me know how you get on please.

Take care

Mandy xx


I know i usually do try to get all the info. I think i just wasnt operating properly. I think I was just so pleased to have passed the DAS test etc and was in so much pain at the time that I wasnt thinking straight. The only thing I can remember and its in a letter to my GP is about my antibodies. But I cant get hold of him easily and my rhematology nurse doesnt know why he would recc rituximab based on antibody profile.

thanx for coming back Mandy

Fiona xx


Hi Fiona

Sorry can't answer your question, have you checked the NRAS site or google or the like for more info.

Good luck with it all

take care

Sue x


It does sound like there is a rationale for offering this first - we're all different and individual and it sounds like your rheumy is trying to tailor your treatment to your RA profile. You could phone the hospital and speak yo the consultant's secretary and explain that you were feeling really poorly and can't remember why this particular anti-tnf is being offered. It should be straight forward for her to ask him/her and phone you back.

Cece x


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