Flippin eck! No more needles!

Had my 4 month app today, and I finally feel like they believe me, mainly because my sausage fingers were showing off and my knees were 'puffy'. Now I know I shouldn't wish bad things on myself but after feeling like I've been painfully running through mud for 12 months It looks like i'm a step closer to diagnosis of what ever it is .RA IA ?........ Counted my chickens a bit soon ....... Out comes the huge needle and he drew fluid from my knee .....twice ! I was nearly sick and went faint but managed to hold it together. Felt like saying "don't you think I'm in enough pain" lol .

Got some good feedback on my lack of RF, weird blood results, kidney issues and eye problems....... finally feel like I'm getting some where at last ......hurray!

I'm sorry if sounding upbeat about being ill sounds like I'm welcoming it with open arms, I'm most definitely not, I'm just happy that I'm not going mad, getting old,imagining things, menopausal, and umpteen other things running through my mind. Fingers crossed peeps x

Hope your all having good days and no one takes what I've said the wrong way.

Gentle hugs

Kath xx

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  • At my first Rheumy apt, she drained my knee of fluid, as a reflex I kicked her with other leg, we both got quite a fright. My knee was alot better as a result tho!


  • Hi

    Lets hope this helps you and you get some rhyme or reason for all this soon. i bet you get fed up of it,but i think keep telling them, keep turning up and keep phoning till they take it seriously and get you sorted!!! I havent had fluid taken out, only fluid put in!!!!! Wish I had thought to do what Gina did lol


  • Ha ha I was to scared to move , hate needles :( maybe I could just randomly kick him when I see him next lol (joking he's a lovely chap)

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