Going to rheumy soon

I have been recording my little flares visually, any unusual, excessive or new swellings go onto my camera! Don't know whether it's allowed but I'm taking it with me to show him! The difficulty is describing one of my pains! It happens in my wrist and ankles and it's not exactly horrendous as uncomfortable. Stiff, sore and stingy the stingy is like well, does anyone remember having a "Chinese burn" when they were at school? Like someone has gripped and twisted in opposing directions, how can I describe this to him, he's not English

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ha ha Yes I know exactly what your trying to describe.

I sometimes feel like that in my spine/pelvis area. I also get what I describe as an itch type irritation in my spine only relieved by stretching that area out, which I now know is nerve irritation due to pressure.

I'm sure the consultant has heard all manor of descriptions over the years, so describe it as you have here, if he doesn't understand what you mean tell him what a Chinese burn is, the action of rubbing hard on sensitive skin causing skin burns. Or you could always say it's like carpet burns I'm sure he'll know what that is!!! lol

Good luck, hope you manage to find the words.

Beth xx


Hi, i agree with beth, he has heard everything, and the way you described it, was good, if you can't write it down, get some help to do it, and show it to him, or if you can get someone to go with you tohelp prompt, things go out of my head when I am in front of the consultant. Good luck with the appointment, hope you get some support. Paula x


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