Eye test

Eye test

Hello all, this morning i went and had my eyes tested. It turns out that due to all the drugs i am developing cateracts, they are only tiny so will have to be watched,just another problem to worry about.

Now a bit of good news, because i'm on the support part of esa i get help paying for them and my test is free as well. Isn't it nice to hear some good news for a change.

I am so tired all the time. After i got home and had lunch i fell asleep for a couple of hours, it brightens me up for a while. I slept very deeply last night despite getting up to the loo a few times.

It has turned very cold here today and we have had some rain this afternoon. so i'm now awake and feeling better.

Afternoon one and all and i hope you all well and not snowed in.

sylvi. x

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we've had snow in my neck of the woods and it's freezing cold, my son is bored as it's the holidays and he cant get out to play footy!!!....

I also get free eye tests as my father had glucoma.

Can't believe i was sitting in the garden in my shorts and t shirt last week and this week im digging out the thermals......crazy weather!!


Crazy isn't the word for it. I was in a costume in my garden last week as well. I have a lovely tan to show for it.

The free eye test was a nice surprise so was getting a discount on my new glasses.

Sylvi. xx


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