Pneenee please

I have just been talking to my cousin and her gorgeous kids., who are five and four. She said they are improving her writing at school and their spelling. They were asking her to write down her favourite food and drink and her mum said she wrote

Pneenee and cup of chino.

Its brightened up my day.I think they must have very grown up taste for a five year old. ( Pannini and cappuccino) gosh just realised i don't know the spelling either !!!


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That makes me smile.. good taste xx


Yes kids have a way with words don't they?! TTx


They don't mince their words do they. Brings a smile to your face, sylvi.xx


Took me a little while to puzzle that one out! I do love a Pannini myself particularly with lots of bacon in it. The best one I ever had was at Edinburgh airport whilst waiting for our flight south. With a really good cup of coffee to go with it. Set me up for the day. Kids have good taste obviously! LavendarLady x


Gosh you are lucky, I have never had any good food at airports!!!Axx


I think I prefer that spelling :)

we were away a couple of years ago on holiday, went to an italian restaurant, waiting for my then 9 yrs old son to give his order of garlic doh balls he asked for 'the wild mushroom ravioli with prosciutto drizzled with truffle oil'....



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