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Hello everyone

I m still flaring and someone has just mentioned that my liking for fried eggs may not be good for me.

We re having building works done so been staying in a hotel this past three weeks and so have been having fried breakfasts a lot.

I even felt sick and breathless today after having had eggs last night and another fry this morning. I can’t wait to get home and have porridge!

But has anyone else ever heard of issues with eggs?


39 Replies
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I’ve never heard of anything like that but that’s just me. I have a two egg omelette most mornings and haven’t noticed any problems.

Why don’t you ask for porridge when you go down for breakfast - if you’ve been there for three weeks they ought to be able to organise that for you or have something else or even just ask to have your egg poached or scrambled. I’m not sure so many fry ups would be good for you it’s probably that rather than the eggs.

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TheBoys in reply to Fruitandnutcase

thx it’s probably all the processed foods /. I had to stay out of the house a few years ago and something similar happened. Normally am quite good at breakfasts etc when am at home.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to TheBoys

Same thing happened to us, a few years ago - not long into our kitchen rebuild one the builders had an accident and the whole thing ground to a halt for over two months. Total nightmare, we were ok for breakfast and lunch but we ate out or had take aways most nights. It was good in a way - not having to cook was quite nice for a while but it wasn’t really idea. Eventually I told the builder I had to get into the kitchen for Christmas because we had people coming and he made an effort to finish by Christmas Eve.

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I love the thought of a fry up its so comforting but it always makes me feel queasy so I avoid. So not sure its eggs or the fried sausage, bacon or even bread ! I'd suggest going easy on the fry ups and we are having a new kitchen fitted this week and I've made porridge on the camping gas one day as the hob was out. Its now back and working so you have my sympathy. I've got a cleaner coming on Saturday to clean down as we have so much dust despite having the doors closed and sheets down. The workers have been great and its looking good but the upheavel..... xx

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Gnarli in reply to medway-lady

Being impatient, I make porridge in the microwave. A matter of a couple of minutes and, voila, hot nourishing porridge 😋

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medway-lady in reply to Gnarli

My husband like some porridge with his golden syrup so I usually do mine in the microwave but ours in a pan. xx

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Gnarli in reply to medway-lady


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medway-lady in reply to Gnarli

I've got a really flash new hob so going tomorrow to use it and my husband even expects his porridge to be made with milk. We are definitely southerners. ! I do admit to liking Demerara sugar with mine or even chocolate spread. lol X

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Gnarli in reply to medway-lady

Go for it! I'm a southerner too, so it's cream and muscovado or molasses sugar for me 😀. Heaven help my waistline.

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greynot in reply to Gnarli

I'm having mine with apples and blackberries, defrosted from last autumn's harvesting (I mush them up with the blender, then microwave them in when the porridge is nearly microwaved) But do have porridge with milk. When my freezer is empty I'll be back on shop fruit - whatever's around at the time.

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greynot in reply to Gnarli

I microwave my porridge quick and easy.

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Gnarli in reply to greynot

And no mucky pan to wash!

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I agree Paul, it's more likely to be down to the quantity of fry ups each morning rather than solely the eggs, especially so if you generally have porridge, a very different brekka. I'd like to bet the sausage, bacon & eggs are not the same quality as you'd buy yourself either. I would hazard a guess it's not compulsory to have a Great British fry up is it? If porridge is too much for them to cater for could they not offer some cereal, or you could make your own porridge. I take it you have a kettle in the room? Just for now you could buy those in a pot you just add hot water to.

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nomoreheels in reply to nomoreheels

I found this interesting, may be related to your current state

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Never heard that about eggs but maybe what you're cooking oil is. Try poached or scrambled as much healthier

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Deeb1764 in reply to Jackie1947

I will say scrambled still uses fat if done on stove top so in theory same as fried but just incorporated into the egg. Poach is best as such. We tend to have eggs for breakfast as it’s my way of making sure hubby eats before going to work!

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KittyJ in reply to Deeb1764

what fat do you put in your scrambled eggs? I’ve never heard of that but maybe I’m doing it wrong 😂

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Deeb1764 in reply to KittyJ

A chef would normally put in some butter in the pan before adding the eggs. I don’t but a lot of people do my Mum always used to do this as well as she was convinced would stick to the pan! A lot of people now do the microwave too which does not need it.

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medway-lady in reply to Deeb1764

I add eggs to butter and on a special day add some cream too. lol

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Deeb1764 in reply to medway-lady

I have done that too on special occasions 🤤

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nomoreheels in reply to Deeb1764

My h is a trained chef & has always used butter in strangled eggs. 😀

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I agree with the others it’s probably too much oil. Nice as a fry up is every day is not good for anyone. I hope they’ll provide an alternative 😊

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lol I reckon it’s the oil. We had granola and fruit on Monday and the feeling’s subsided but yesterday it was a fry last evening egg and cress sandwich and big fry up this morning leaving me sore and sick.

Fruit and Porridge from tomorrow. Thankfully we re home from Sunday so healthy eating returns.

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well it’s deffo porridge for me in the morning! I do need desperately to control my diet and what I eat / i deffo need to lose a stone which might hopefully ease other issues. We move back into our home this weekend so cooking and diet should be more easily managed. Tnx all.

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For me processed food is always the culplrit, not a simple health giving egg (poached not fried!)

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Eggs are a very common allergen. Even if you've always been fine with them, you can develop a sensitivity. Best thing to do is have a break from them and test again.

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does the daily fry up mean you’re also eating a lot more bread perhaps? Gluten overload (for me two consecutive days) definitely makes me flare

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TheBoys in reply to girli1111

that’s true as it happens. More toast /fried bread.

Today it’s been muesli and fruit

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Eggs have a big effect on my RA so I totally avoid now. I read some research several years ago into the fact that egg protein is very similar to the protein that our bodies attack in our joints ( sadly have lost link) so I did an experiment - stopped eggs for a month and then had some scrambled for breakfast and by the next morning my pain, swelling and stiffness was really bad!!!

So I hope swapping to porridge will help 😊👍

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When my RA started I developed an allergy to all things egg. It gave me diarrhoea for 24 hrs my throat seemed to close up and I found breathing and swallowing a problem. Not full anaphylactic but enough of a problem for me to totally take them out of my diet. I’m very pleased there are more vegan options with regards to cakes etc the one thing I do miss apart from fried and scrambled eggs is Yorkshire pudding have not managed to find an egg replacer that is successful.

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many people develop allergies to eggs as they age

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Could the flare be down to the stress of the situation instead of eggs? I know having building work done and staying in a hotel for a prolonged time would stress me out.

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Sorry you’re suffering but I would doubt whether fried eggs are the culprit.

I agree that the stress of the building works is more likely, or that you have picked up an infection as there are so many circulating in the general population at the moment.

I hope you feel better soon,

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I have major flare up with eggs. I love them but having done a food diary, I know it causes flares so don't have it anymore. In fact I've have very limited amounts of dairy.

Might be worth not having it for a few days to see if it makes a difference 🤔

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Yes, I'm unable to eat fried eggs. I can have poached and fine but no more than one egg. I'm not great with fried foods, they make me feel unwell for days. I used to be ok, I have problems with some spicy foods also.

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Food is definitely one of the flare-triggers for me. And this varies from people to people. And varies with age in the same person. The worst trigger for me has been cheese.

Gooduck. Hope you can go back to porridge soon.

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it’s probably the oil they use that is causing problems.

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I hated waiting for poached egg, waiting for water to heat up in the pan. I have discovered a tip which works. Small microwave bowl add egg cover with water and microwave to your preference of hardness, usually between 2 - 3 mins

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I haven't read all the comments you've received as I'm late responding to your question, but I just wanted to mention something to you that happened to a friend of mine. She too was staying in a hotel and was enjoying daily eggs for breakfast, which was not a usual part of her diet. After several days of the eggs, she too developed sickness and breathlessness and subsequently discovered that she'd developed an allergy to eggs, which she didn't previously have. So I'm just wondering if you've developed an egg allergy. My friend didn't have RA, but perhaps your reaction is actually unrelated to your RA.

I've just Googled egg allergy and it sounds like the symptoms you experienced could be related to an allergy. Even if you've never been allergic to something, an allergy can develop out of the blue, especially if you've been exposed to more than usual of something. I hope you're feeling better now and the building work is going well. 😀

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