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Pulsatile tinnitus

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Hi. I seem to have developed the above in one ear which started after some distorted hearing and strange feelings in that side of my face. That jaw does click but doesn’t cause pain. I’ve got a telephone consultation with my gp on the 25th but just wondered if there’s any connection to RA or if anyone else developed it and what was the outcome ? It’s more worrisome than bothersome. I’ve had RA for 6 years now and am on mtx and hydroxy. Thanks.

28 Replies
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Yes. I have RA and TMJ and pulsatile tinnitus at night. Nothing much to be done for either! I can’t sleep with a mouth guard. Botox injections in cheek/jaw muscle helped but since I now have post herpatic neuropathy after a bout of shingles on my face I’ve steered away from that.

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That’s really interesting thanks. You sound like you’ve been in the wars so I hope things improve for you very soon.

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Tinnitus is no fun darling as i well know. Sorry i don't have an answer for you. xxxx

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Any sided tinnitus should be seen by your GP and they should refer you to an ENT Clinic. If you’ve also got altered sensation too that will probably need looking into by them. ENT will usually send you for an MRI scan and they will do a hearing test too. These are the NICE Guidelines xx

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Thanks. Roll on 25/8 then.

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Yea your right. My husband in a routine hearing test at specsavers mentioned he had tinnitus in just one ear, was told they had to report it to his GP. A few days later had a phone call from our doctors saying the doctor wanted to see him that day. He ended up being referred to the ENT department at our hospital and had to have a brain scan. Everything was okay thankfully.

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This is the fear. So so glad he is ok.

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I have pulsatile tinnitus in one ear which comes and goes. Have it at the mo and suspect its ra related (plus hot weather plus I have a tense jaw/ grind my teeth unconsciously !? lol). I had it investigated just before ra symptoms started. I had hearing tests and mri scan but no cause was found. My daughter is an audiologist and says its common in my age group ( over 60) but it should be investigated to rule out any possible causes. Its no fun, hope you get it sorted out , best wishes.

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Interesting thanks. X

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I also developed pulsatile tinnitus around the time the first rumblings of RA was making itself evident, though I didn't connect the two because I didn't even have a diagnosis of RA at that time. I usually only notice it at night when I'm lying down, and it seems to come and go - I haven't worked out anything specific that seems to trigger it, though possibly it's worse when I'm stressed. I 've had it all investigated by an audiologist and had head scans etc, and there's nothing sinister so now at least I don't worry about it, and I've largely got used to it.

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Am really hoping that’s what will happen to me too but dr google is a dangerous bing.

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I developed Tinnitus after the Covid19 vaccinations…not badly…..but it is very irritating….,my ENT surgeon said it has happened to quite a few of his patients.After 20+ years of RA I don’t think it is related to the disease.

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Fg45 in reply to AgedCrone

Really? 4 jags and two bouts of disease for me so…… not impossible. X

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Do you mean you had 4 vaccinations but still caught Covid? I meant I’ve had RA for over 20 years with no sign of Tinnitus…& no Covid than goodness, but after having Covid19 vaccinations…..suddenly it appeared….so I think it more likely to be the vaccine that caused it for me, rather than the fact that I have RA.

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Fg45 in reply to AgedCrone

Correct. I have had covid twice. Once after two jags ( awful) and once after three jags ( just like a bad cold) so if nothing else I’m pretty well protected lolz. The jaw clicking started well before that though so I’m fairly sure that’s RA. But the pulsatile throng is just in the last couple of months.

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I have ankylosing spondylitis, and get pulsatile tinnitus when my jaw flares. I’ve seen ENT and had MRI, and also seen a couple of Oral Medicine Consultants. I was told it is due to the AS and the inflammation affecting nearby blood vessels. Mine is more noticeable at night, but I do hear it if I’m sitting quietly reading a book. Thankfully increasing MTX settles it down, although now I’m on 25mg that’s not really an option now. I do sympathise as it stops you getting a good nights sleep. My tongue would also flare with vascular lesions, twitching and spasms at night. Felt like a one man band some nights 😂🤗

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Fg45 in reply to Maureengibson

OMG. Actually I get tongue tingling too. What are we like.

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I have had pulsatile tinnitus since at least age 12 (now in my 60s) and I find it is more related to the noises around me than anything else. That is, if it is quiet (at night) then I notice it. It became more noticeable when I moved to the countryside where there is no low background rumble of traffic noise. And if there is a power failure so there is no background electrical hum, it is sooooooo loud!

I think it has got slightly worse over the years as my hearing naturally decreases with age meaning that my brain hears more of it, along side various arthritis type stuff going on in my neck.

If it becomes noticeable, I just tell my brain to do its job properly and block it out!

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Yes I notice it in the quiet and at night so maybe it’s actually there all the time. Luckily my kids do a good job of drowning most things other than them out.

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yes I have both RA & Tinnitus in one ear after similar odd jaw feelings i was ref to ent who as it was in one ear did mri to rule out any bad things and then told it was tinnitus -so basically live with it, some days it seems overwhelmingly loud other days not too bad it has affected the hearing in that ear too - dont know about pulsatile bit but my tinnitus is a hissing high pitched continuous noise.

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You have my sympathies. I have this too-one day left ear, next day right-then if I'm lucky-stereo. Do you notice the sound getting much louder if you just your lower jaw forwards?

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Fg45 in reply to boberch

Ummm, maybe ?

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Hi, I recently had symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus. Sometimes I get slight pain/stiffness on that side of my neck/base of my head. Lasted a few weeks but its eased up now. I haven't been referred to ENT as the gp said my ears looked clear and they would only refer me if it persisted. Typically, it stopped shortly after my appointment!

😉I do have high blood pressure and recently discovered I have right bundle branch block (electrical pulses travel through the ventricles slower than normal) and wondered if these could be contributing factors.🤷‍♀️

At one point, I did wonder if the meds (mtx) might have caused it.

Anyway, hoping it doesn't come back as it was really distracting at times and lasted for long periods.

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I have tinnitus and have wondered if it is caused by the medication i am on. Its driving me Mad! Both ears ringing all the time. I am on Prednisolone and Tacrolimus. I have decided to get a review of my tablets. Been on the steroids for years!

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I have had pulsatile tinnitus for years b4 I was diagnosed with RA but I have menieres also ,they tried a H Aid but didn't mask the noise as I hear my heartbeat so no cure for me and this is 24 7 never goes ,I hope you get somewhere with yours all the best 😔😔

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Fg45 in reply to Zephre

That’s very annoying. Sorry.

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