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White cells down again

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Every time I have a monthly infusion of Tcz the following bloods show my white blood cells have dropped. I'm getting really fed up starting, stopping for 2-3 months and the same thing happening. Is there a biologic drug that does not cause this problem? I'm getting headaches searching for something that will help me with my increasingly painful RA.

I have tried all the other meds and nothing has worked. They just made me feel ill.

I live with depression and chronic anxiety amongst other conditions. This is just making me sink further down.

7 Replies
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We are called warriors for a reason darling and you are no exception. You keep fighting and finding something that will be good for you to take. Hugs,xxxx

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Sorry to hear of your problems, I experienced a similar thing with Tocy. There are so many biologics out there now has your consultant suggested trying a different one? Changing is always tedious as you go through the will it or won't it work loop but don't give up there must be a solution for you.Good luck.

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Sorry Sylvi think I got that on your thread by mistake it was meant for tazman3 but I guess it can still be read.

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sylvi in reply to fred42

That it can and she knows it is in reply to her darling. xxxx

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I had the same issue, with constantly low neutrophils. I swapped to Tcz injections and that seems to have worked 👍

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No words. We have to be so 'strong' all the time with this disease and the fact that it leads to a multitude of other problems seems to get overlooked a lot of times.

Talk to your rheumy or your rheumy nurse. Let them really hear what all of this is doing to you physically and mentally, don't take no for an answer, easier said than done but worth doing. I found by telling them the situation has changed me, has made me depressed and anxious really got them to stop and just listen. It didn't solve the issues with the failing biologics but it did help to ease the pressure, it made me feel it's okay not to always having to be a warrior, that it's okay to take the armour off. Plus off loading here helps loads, I hope you have found this too.

Be gentle with yourself, do what's best for you. Really hoping with ever fibre that you turn the corner soon. Sending you lots of love 💞 and lots of hugs 🤗🙏

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New medications are coming out all the time, so don't give up hope! Keep asking what alternatives are available for you (that you haven't tried already!) and I'm sure something will turn up.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the NRAS page on medications as they do tell you what you need to know clearly: nras.org.uk/information-sup...

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