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Hip op just got worse

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I seen the surgeon yesterday on NHS and plan was to then transfer to private with them as I had been told they would do the op in 3 weeks from consultation once I had the name of the surgeon. But, he showed me my xrays! The consultant had said it was bad and bone on bone so would mark as priority but I wasn't expecting what the surgeon said. Ball destroyed and pushed up in the socket, parts of the socket also gone and not a hint of cartilidge anywhere. He said he wouldn't recommend swapping to private and he is marking as urgent as there is a chance the bone could push through into the pelvis! Bone grafts will need to be screwed to the the socket to build it up before they can put a liner in. I asked how long before they would do it and he said 2 weeks to 2 months but wouldn't commit anymore than that. I really hope it isn't 2 months as I was all physced up for 3 weeks. I am now p.. ed off that for the last 15months I have been told the pain in my hip was bacause of my swollen knee over the phone on the help line, by registrars. A registrar examined my hip in December when I made a point again of saying most of the pain is from my hip and it cracks constantantly even just turning over in bed. "that doesn't mean it's always bone" was her reply. She moved my leg once it cracked so she said "better leave that alone" and did nothing and then on the report I received said "she is starting to have issues with her hip!! I know my RA was out of control and they were trying to find a biologic that worked but they need to start listening to patients more.

I am now really worried about my knee as still worse after they put the steroid injection in it a month ago, the same day as they xrayed my hip. Seeing a rheumy next Thursday so they can try to aspirate it to check for infection (that's failed the last 2 times as it is too thick and gloopy) or possibly refer for imaging she said after I rang the help line again. I really want an MRI so they know properly what is going on as been swollen for 18 months now and Avascular Necrosis doesn't show up on xrays untill it's stage 3.

Rant over!

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No personal experience here but wanted to send hugs. Your situation sounds awful and it seems to be more and more common

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Kershon in reply to Gnarli

Thank you xx

You are having a basinful of problems, not helped by lack of listening previously. Often hip pain can cause pain in the knee and also will make it worse due to the abnormal weight bearing from the hip not functioning.

I hope that it is sooner rather than later for the operation as then you can start to sort out the other problems. Is there any way you can nag them nicely?

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Kershon in reply to oldtimer

I don't think so. Guess it's just when they have a spare slot xx

Hello Kershon, I’m so sorry your suffering so badly and must be extremely worried about your poor bones. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for you that you get your op very soon.

I have a friend that had her hip op last week and she’s now needing a bit of home care now she’s home. Let us know if and when you get some news. In the meantime, my love to you . From Penny xxx

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Kershon in reply to rabbits65

Thank you and I will xx

Hi Kershon

So sorry to hear you are in this horrible situation. It is unbelievably frustrating when we can't seem to get anywhere with treatments/ops especially when experiencing so much pain.

I don't know if my experience can offer you any hope or re-assurance, but here goes!

I initially had my hips replaced (with a six week gap), in 1988 when I was 19. They were done urgently as the damage had progressed very quickly and like you, the whole joint (in both) had disintegrated, the ball had pushed up and through the socket and through to the pelvis, causing damage to the pelvis too. I also hadto have bone grafted onto each side. Thankfully, the ops went very well, and it changed my life. I'm 52 now, and had the left one revised 5 years ago. Revisions are always a bit tricky, but it went well and is good now. I've still got the same hip replacement on the right side (33 years later)! I am on the waiting list for a revision but that's partly in case it fails suddenly as my left one did. So far, it's still going!

In addition, although I've had knee replacements since, my knees, although already bad by then, were much worse prior to the hip replacements. My surgeon used to tell me that the hips were causing a lot of referred pain and aggravation to them, and that aspect of the knee problems would improve. I was very sceptical, but thank goodness, he was proved absolutely right. Although I still had the RA and damage to my knees by then anyway, having the hips done still really helped them.

I know none of this mitigates your current situation of being messed around and not taken seriously, which is awful and very stressful, and totally rant-worthy, I hope it might give a tiny bit of light at the end of it all.

Best wishes x😊

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Kershon in reply to Kags1068

Thank you that helps to know that the hip will at least be sorted OK and hopefully last a long time xx

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Kags1068 in reply to Kershon

You are welcome. Hope it happens soon for you xx

Rant away....Drs not listening is a disgrace, I'm very weary of it all. It is completely indefensible.

I do hope you get your surgery sooner rather than later.

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Kershon in reply to Mmrr

And me and thank you xx

Good God, I have no words. No wonder you are fed up and angry. No-one actually listens to you (I've had this twice today when dealing with the NHS for my Mum). So frustrating. I really hope ou get knee and hip sorted pronto as your treatment so far is unacceptable.

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Kershon in reply to Dobcross1

Thank you xx

I’m sorry 😞. Hope the op is sooner . You poor thing. Your right when will they listen to patients. Hope all goes well x

Goodness me this sounds so awful. I am so sorry that you have been left in such pain as you were not listened to and needing urgent surgery. I really hope you get a surgery day very soon. Gentle hugs x

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Kershon in reply to Summerrain14

Thank you x

Goodness, that's dreadful but it seems to be happening more and more that patients just aren't being listened to. I really hope this is sorted for you and soon, you must be in so much discomfort. xx

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Kershon in reply to springcross

Yes been a bit of a nightmare tbh xxx

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springcross in reply to Kershon

I hope it's not for too much longer. 🙏 x

Hip and knee probably both need surgery.Is this in the UK?

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Kershon in reply to summer32A

Yes. Bath is where my rheumatologist is

So how long is NHS wating list?I thiugh it was at least 9months?

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Kershon in reply to summer32A

It is longer than that but the, surgeon haarked or as urgent as it could push through onto the pelvis so he said 2 weeks to 2 to 2 months

I was in a similar position during the pandemic first lockdown. I got a call out of the blue asking me to self isolate for a few days and get a covid test and the op was less than two weeks later. I thought my knee was in trouble too but when I had recovered from the hip op my knee was better. So fingers crossed your knee will improve when the hip is sorted. Good luck with it all.

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Kershon in reply to Anniebl24

Oh that's good, hopefully it might improve xx

That is just awful you poor thing. It must be beyond painful. Hopefully your consultant will get you in - and out with a brand new hip - as soon as possible. ☀️

Sending my best wishes, and good luck with the op. This should never happen, I fear for the future of the NHS. Doctors, nurses, they should all learn to listen to the patient. x

Hello Kershon - thank you for sharing your story. I'm very sorry to hear about your situation and the pain you must be experiencing. If you want to have a chat with someone who understands, our free phone line is available every weekday 9.30am - 4.30pm nras.org.uk/helpline/ I hope you get a surgery date soon. Emma :)

Thank you. I am fine just hate this waiting for a date. Being seen at the hospital re my knee so I am going to push for an MRI as it hasn't improved since the steroid jab. The OH Dr from work said I should request a bone scan also for the hip?. I guess this isn't standard?

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