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After Gardening for 1 hour 45 minutes another mega flare inflammatory arthritis

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Well hey there all anyone else experience this I was weeding my garden and by the late evening in a lot of pain and couldn't sleep for a while that night as couldn't get comfortable oh the joy. Have taken Sulfasalazine since February coz have many symptoms of RA.

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If I do any activity for too long I get payback either joint pain or reduced sleep so I think it is my body telling me i have done too much. So now I do small bursts of activity so 30mins max then sit down for hour then back to it again.

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Wobbies in reply to Deeb1764

I do exactly the same. Pacing yourself that way means that you get more done in the long run as you are not in such agony for days afterwards that you can't even do 30 minutes.

Ty lovely

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Knip in reply to Deeb1764

Good advice's all about pacing yourself. Likewise sitting for too long causes me to a lot of pain and stiffness, the same as during the night or first thing in the morning. I hit on the idea of having my shower midway through the evening, instead of in the morning, and that works well for me.

Yes, any activity can result in a flare. I need to be very careful to pace myself, doing small amounts of activity at a time.

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Lovetodanceto in reply to Mmrr

Ty lovely

Regularly,I'm afraid. Never learned the subtle art of pacing and can get carried away with 'just going to finish this bit' and I pay for it every time. It's well worth checking out 'the spoon theory' as it explains things in an accessible way. Wishing you well

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Lovetodanceto in reply to Gnarli

Ty yeah have read that very interesting am the type of female that likes things finished yeah mmmm not a good idea these days take care

Pacing? Haven’t got the hang of it yet. Seems every day my tolerance is different x

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LoneEra in reply to J1707

Not sure I’ve shared this one with you before? Also has a pacing schedule you can fill in:

Still hard, though! And as you say, so variable x

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J1707 in reply to LoneEra

Thanks . I naturally do most of this on the list but life gets in the way 😁.. must try harder 🥺x

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Deeb1764 in reply to J1707

Some days I am B+ other days I have FAILED

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J1707 in reply to Deeb1764

Most days your a U ... your middle name is overdone it ..😂

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Deeb1764 in reply to J1707

Yes Ms Dee Overdo It B..

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Deeb1764 in reply to LoneEra

thanks for this some days I am really really good on pacing then I have a day where I think I can take on the World and then I crumble in a heap!

Ty lovely take careX

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Lovetodanceto in reply to J1707

Yeah agree lovely am never really sure how much to do coz every day can be different from the other take careX

As I have got fitter I find things don’t wipe me out as much. It is a very fine balance to pace things so you don’t overdo it, but equally keep up a bit of momentum so you don’t get less and less fit.

Rather than doing 2 hours at a go, I do smaller chunks. Weeding is hard work on muscles that aren’t used to it! Especially back and abdo’s....

Ty lovely yeah before the arthritis I used to be on the go all the time it really is a very frustrating chronic condition

I have a few places to sit .. chairs, benches and little walls all round the garden and make sure I do every so often and I’m quite fit but digging isn’t my thing. Trowelling yes on raised beds and pots and pruning and container planting, and cutting shrubs and small hedges but digging is heavy duty. Also I have a worm phobia. 😝 Hope you feel less ouch soon.

Ty lovely however my hands were flaring achy before I did that however the weeds were growing tall yeah I couldn't leave them take care

You sound to have done a thorough job and I hope you soon feel less ouch. xx

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Stowe in reply to Neonkittie17

Is this strange, but I actually like worms ha ha ha 😊

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Stowe

Extremely strange!! LOL. I’m very scared of worms slugs and snakes. 😳🥺😱

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Stowe in reply to Neonkittie17

Ha ha ha I like to be different 😀 now if it was a spider I would be running a mile 😆

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Stowe

I’m not too bothered about spiders we get here. My OH had a nasty spider bite a few years back so I try not to let them touch my skin when I’m the garden.

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Stowe in reply to Neonkittie17

Omg try not to let them touch your skin, I would up running away screaming if I saw a spider! 🤣🤣

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Gif1986 in reply to Neonkittie17

Me too. Gardening is on of the bravest things I do as am absolutely terrified of worms 😂 I thought I was the only one!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Gif1986

I once ran past the city hospital (pre RA!) shrieking when there was an army or worms on the pavement after a downpour and I was out in bare feet and open toe strappy sandals. I am ashamed I yelled so much in my terror but I didn’t even realise where I was. Just had to get off that worm pavement. I’d had a few to drink and apparently I was saying .. they’re all coming to get me!! Just as well the drinking and running away from worms days are well and truly in the past!

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Freisian in reply to Gif1986

Aww, I love worms. When I first went out with my husband, he stopped to rescue worms from the pavement and gently place them on a grass verge. That endeared me to him and we married 53 years ago. He still rescues worms, traps squirrels in the garden and takes them out into the countryside. Field mice sometimes get into our attic and they receive the same treatment. I’ve always told my grand girls to test any prospective boyfriend with the worm test. They are still trying to find one. . .

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Stowe in reply to Freisian

Thank Goodness I'm not the only one who likes worms, I chase my husband with then. 😆

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Pippy25 in reply to Neonkittie17

I'm a bit like Larry Grayson (showing my age here) as I take a chair with me round the garden and sit for a bit then do something! While trying to keep out of the sun...not for vampire reasons but because of Lupus! 🧛‍♂️🌞

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Pippy25

I often take a stool round too Pip and have also done my Victorian lady wearing a long sleeved linen blouse and skirt and wide brim hat when I was taking Sulphazaline. Keeps the wrinkles away anyhow! I loved Larry Grayson. 😂

Yep that sounds familiar, I’m never going to learn 🙄 Rest up now and hopefully you’ll recover quickly,

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Lovetodanceto in reply to KittyJ

Ty lovely well you are all really lovely on here I find that the only folk who really understand are those living with this every day take care

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KittyJ in reply to Lovetodanceto

You too 🤗

Yes I know how you feel, I love getting out in my garden, but find I get back pains after a couple of hours and I'm wiped out the next day, it was worth it though.

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Lovetodanceto in reply to Stowe

Ty lovely take care

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Stowe in reply to Lovetodanceto

Thank you, you too

This made me laugh when I saw the two updates together in my email.

A screenshot of my email from health unlocked

I spent the day in my garden yesterday with rests inbetween and last night i was as stiff as a board and ended up down here on the recliner. xxxxx

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Lovetodanceto in reply to sylvi

Take careX

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sylvi in reply to Lovetodanceto

I slept last night, but boy am i stiff as a board this morning also my breathing is bad. I had a really good day yesterday and got a lot done. Yet despite taking rests i think i have overdone it big time. xxxxx

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Lovetodanceto in reply to sylvi

Take careX

Absolutely. I am sure everyone on here will experience the same problems when they have 'done too much.' Sadly, we never learn.


Yup! After an hour on my hands and knees, felt the discomfort turn to pain as my hand began to visibly sweĺl. Lesson: be alert to signals and stop immediately when you get the message your body is sending.


Yes I get carried away too and pay the price !,we never learn xx 😍

Ty yeah really frustratingX

Ouch feel for ya, I'm in a flare from after having second vaccine hey ho.I love gardening, but was sent a great booklet about pain managemen

from a counselling group.

Main thing I learned was carry out gardening jobs in small amounts of time.

So I'll do a bit of weeding 15-20 minutes, then stop and do a totally different job

say like watering.

After 30 minutes I take a coffee break & enjoy nature in the garden.

If possible I sit on my garden stool to weed or any job need to bend.

Also I use paracetamol when I know need to be active, at night sometimes use my co-codamol to get a fairly pain free night.

Still haven't found a way round being totally crook & in pain first thing in the morning grrr

Pain is sadly our life, I was listening to an athlete (very successful in the past) who is in constant pain , she said I just think ah hello pain & "park it ".

Think loads of us live with pain and just try keep it bearable most times.


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Lovetodanceto in reply to Happy5

Ty yeah very frustrating this chronic condition is for allX

I try to listen to my body telling me to take it easy. I went to the pool a couple of weeks ago and put the aqua belt on to get some exercise. The day afterwards I could barely move and was in agony! I had to use my walker just to get around the house and had to go to Ortho immediate care to get prednisone and muscle relaxants! Live and learn.

Yeah take care I like to think I can do more and sadly I can't do the things I used to pre arthritisX

I am just the same as soon as I am fine I forget and get carried away and pay for it for days specially now with summer coming ,keep well

Ty yeah am the same loveX

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